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  • RB_SR_May_27_2015_S2

    SKID ROW bassist RACHEL BOLAN goes off on Facebook haters

    Facebook — SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan unleashes on Facebook haters. In a posting on his official Facebook page earlier tonight Bolan asked haters to “stay off the fucking page.” He then suggested they spend their time on “pornhub.” It’s safe to assume Bolan could be referencing ‘haters’ who have been vocal in recent weeks since the band fired Johnny Solinger and brought in former TNT frontman Tony Harnell. Die-hard SKID ROW fans have been clamoring for[…]

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  • SB_Trixter_May_25_2015_S6

    TRIXTER guitarist STEVE BROWN talks about new release HUMAN ERA

      New Jersey — Trixter are roaring back in 2015 with a new album Human Era which comes out on June 9, 2015. The band is back better than ever and still happy to be playing together after 30 years. Trixter came roaring into the the scene in 1990 with their self-titled debut album which spawned three hit singles “Give it to me good”, “one in a million” and “surrender”. Trixter new single Rockin’ to[…]

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  • SB_SkidRow_May_23_2015_S1

    SEBASTIAN BACH still blames RACHEL BOLAN for SKID ROW not reuniting

    Metal Injection — Sebastian Bach in a candid interview about why Skid Row is avoiding a reunion with him, radio airplay, his appearance on Trailer Park Boys and Gilmore Girls and more. Some of what Metal Injection covers is bullet pointed below. * Touring the world since 1989 * The Skid Row union, and how the band was offered a half million dollars for 2 shows, but the offers were turned down * Says Rachel[…]

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  • SS_Creed_May_2015_S1_4

    SCOTT STAPP “I thought my family was involved in ISIS…I was out of my mind.”

     Rolling Stone  — The well-documented downward spiral Scott Stapp experienced at the end of 2014 was the result of a struggle with drug abuse and bipolar disorder, the Creed singer reveals in a new interview. Speaking to People, Stapp reveals that he’s “lucky to be alive” after his breakdown, and that after finally entering a dual diagnostic facility earlier this year, he’s once again healthy, sober and properly medicated. “I had a psychotic break that was brought[…]

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MICHAEL LARDIE of GREAT WHITE on the split with JACK RUSSELL ‘It was many, many years, and many things’

KNAC — GREAT WHITE has got to be one of the most tenacious and persevering bands in music history. They have faced adversity from breakups, litigation and tragedies beyond comprehension. Despite the tragic Rhode Island nightclub fire, where 100 people lost their lives, the band remains strong. 2015 marks 32 years together for GREAT WHITE. It’s hard for most people to maintain any relationship for that long, let alone a band that has faced such tribulations. Over[…]

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DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Wow! The city of Hollywood shuts down for Van Halen

DANCE THE NIGHT AWAY Wow! The city of Hollywood shuts down for Van Halen By Gerry Gittelson Metal Sludge Editor at Large   HOLLYWOOD — Streets were closed in Hollywood on Monday, March 30 for a special outdoor performance by Van Halen, and as darkness set in, the ground-breaking Los Angeles rock band was greeted by a frenzied, overflow crowd that went absolutely crazy for the foursome’s 30-minute set filled with anthems like “Jamie’s Cryin’,”[…]

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