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YOU DON’T SAY … SouthGang’s Jesse Harte on Rock N’ Skull’s Justin Murr; ‘flaky’ and ‘he never sent the deposit’



SouthGang’s Jesse Harte on Rock N’ Skull promoter Justin Murr; ‘flaky’ and ‘he never sent the deposit’


From The Inside — Metal Sludge is here to shed a little light on our recent Rock N’ Skull story.

In short Jesse Harte of the band SouthGang offered up information that we have screen captured below.

Why the screen capture?

Why not.

MBM_Sept_2015_Sky_1Mr. Harte felt the need to screen capture and share my private messages sent to him, with others. So, all good, two can play at that game.

We reached out to Harte last night, and asked if all was well with his group’s appearance at Rock N’ Skull.

This is something many bands do when playing on similar events. Sharing intel about their experience with a promoter of a given event and so on.

Nothing new, and everyone shares their thoughts on how things work with all these people. Same goes for road crew, managers, agents, hired gun musicians and yeah…even website owners too.

Harte wrote me back today (7:50am) and says; “I will check with Justin Murr. He was a bit flaky from the beginning. He never sent the deposit ect.” (see screen capture below)

We exchanged a few more messages and suddenly Harte informs me (10:14am), Rock N’ Skull promoter Justin Murr has suddenly called him.

Harte’s message reads in part; “Stevie he called me after the article went up on MS. I really think maybe your source is wrong. He said he is wiring it today.” (see below)

Great to hear Jesse. Imagine that, how ironic that he is calling you.

Anyway, you are welcome.

I asked Jesse later in the day if he had in fact received that wired deposit.

Harte ignored that question.

Then a half hour later Jesse wrote back and ended a ranting message with the following; “Please don’t start my day with “bullshit” again ever about something that is none of your business. If it is meant to be or not I will figure that out. Honestly I think you were just being an asshole.”

Very well.

You went from “thanks for the heads up” to “he was a bit flaky” and “he never sent the deposit” to a phone call and “he is wiring it today” to “thanks for looking out bro” to calling me an “asshole.”

Jesse my friend, all good. But if I am being honest here, you are flip floppin’ a bit.

I truly hope you got your deposit, and that your appearance at Rock N’ Skull comes to light with the others.

Regards, Stevie Rachelle


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