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1998-1999 … Metal Sludge’s Year In Review A Timeline – September 1st 1998 thru September 1st 1999


Metal_Sludge_classic_Poison_Logo_Neon_Green_FB_Header_8YEAR IN REVIEW!

Welcome to 20 years ago!

Below is our 1st year timeline from 1998 through 1999.

Make sure to CLICK the 20 Questions links, and go back and read who said what during our first year online.

More fun to follow…and thanks for 20 years of support. 


Metal Sludge has been up and running for a year!  Can you believe that?  It seems just like yesterday that we were on Geocities and our site looked like shit.  Now we have our own domain, and our site still looks like shit.  The more things chance, the more they stay the same.

Since we’ve acquired a bunch of new Sludgeaholics over the last few months that weren’t around for our humble beginnings, we thought we’d fill everybody in on the

Please don’t confuse this with the Unofficial Metal Sludge History.  

This is a detailed timeline listing all of our major and minor accomplishments as well as various other bullshit nobody is going to care about.  There will be a quiz at the end, so take notes.

We’ve also included some of our favorite links throughout this Year In Review so you can go back and visit some of the shit we are talking about.  So pour yourself a cold one, sit back, and take a trip down memory lane.

June 1998.  Jani Bon Neil and C.C. Van Sixx were drinking heavily one sun filled day at a Rock Never Stops show and laughing at how horrible the bands were.  C.C. says that it would be funny to get a website and goof on metal bands, especially Gerri Miller.  While listening to C.C. talk, Jani thinks to himself, “Where’s this months Playboy?”  He then thinks, “Yeah, whatever, we could call it Metal Sludge.”  2 minutes later the idea is completely blown off and forgotten as they watch Warrant stagger around the stage drunk.

During that very same time, Bastard Boy Floyd is rummaging through the trash behind a Best Buy and finds a played out and broken Atari 2600 unit.  He takes it back to his trailer park to begin fixing it up.  

July 1998.  While in a drunken stupor at a Backstreet Boys concert, C.C. brings up the idea again, and says the site could be called “Metal Sludge.”  The thing about this is Jani never mentioned to C.C. that was the name he thought of!!  They then realize they were made for each other and start to fondle each others nuts sacks.

Around that time, Ozzy Stillbourne is fired from his job at the car wash for leaving some roach clips in a car he just cleaned.  Unfortunately for Ozzy, it was a cop car.  Charges were eventually dropped, and Ozzy then tried to fulfill his dream job of working for a huge record label, like Perris Records.   However, he became very bitter than his dream of working for Tom Mathers was shot down repeatedly and Ozzy ended up in at a Kinkos where we was forced to print up cheap Slaughter 8 x 10s.

In a distant land far away, Bastard Boy Floyd fixed up his Atari 2600 and somehow turns it into a computer.  “Despite it being built in the early 80s, it’s still way better than being on AOL or having Web TV,” says the pigtailed Bastard.  

August 1998.  While discussing Metal Sludge, C.C. and Jani are driving down the street and see what appears to be Gerri Miller pushing a shopping cart across the street!   As they pull over to throw rotten eggs at her, they notice it isn’t Gerri, but some genetic freak with pigtails and monkey eyes.  The freak seems excited because he just scored a Commodore 64 from behind Circuit City.   Jani asks the freak what his name is, and he replies, “floyd (dramatic pause)…bastard boy floyd”  Jani and C.C. ask him if he’d be interested getting paid 2 bucks an hour to answer emails for a site they were creating.  Floyd says, “Fuck yeah!  That means I can quit my day job driving the Ice Cream truck.  But I have to be allowed to out certain bands that dicked me over in the past.  I use to be a musician and…”  “Shut the fuck up and get in the ride,” says C.C.   A deal is reached, and Floyd hops into C.C.’s pimped out low-rider Chevette as they drive away rocking out to Loverboy!

But the trio knows they need more than just them to get the page off the ground.  Jani mentions his old crackhead friend Ozzy Stillbourne.  Since he was fired from the car wash he hasn’t been doing anything but drinking and bitching about the Slaughter 8 x 10s he was being forced to run off at Kinkos.

Bastard Boy Floyd mentions Donna Anderson.  He knew Donna from back when he use to be the “clean up guy” at an adult peep show called Lap Flounders.  Donna was one of the girls who stripped in a glass booth, and floyd’s job would be to clean up the cum off the glass after the guys jacked off while watching Donna dig at her beaver like a dog digging for a bone.  He said Donna would be perfect for the page, so Floyd set up a meeting.  

Jani, C.C, and Floyd met with Ozzy and Donna in an abandoned warehouse down by the waterfront on August 5th, and after Donna blew everyone, they decided that things would move forward.  Metal Sludge was born!!!

With the most of the staff assembled…the group realized that not a single one of them had any HTML experience.  C.C. then went to Barnes and Noble to buy “A Stupid Asses Guide To HTML” but gets bored with all the big words and throws the book out.

August 20, 1998.  In the wee early morning hours, Jani Bon Neil obtains from Geocites.  He has absolutely no clue as to what to do, and just starts typing shit and trying to figure it out on his own.  To this day, he still doesn’t know what the fuck to do.

August 21 – 29, 1998.  The staff starts working on a variety of posts for the page, because they want it to look like the site has been around for a while.  They manage to get up about 5 or so posts up, but the page still looks like it was made by The House Of The Blind Web Service.

August 30, 1998.  A message board is obtained which is transformed into the Gossip Board and a guestbook is put up which turns into the Hatebook.  

September 1, 1998.  Metal Sludge officially debuts and gets a whopping 72 hits!  The internet will never be the same again!!   However, for some strange reason, none of the major news outlets cover this event.
One of the first post in Metal Sludge history is this Sludge Wire for August 1998  Go take a look at how much it looks like shit.  It’s horrible.  Everything is in one color and at the time the Sludge Wires were only done by Jani Bon Neil.  What a piece of shit!
Also debuting this fateful day was the Hair Chart, a review of the Rock Never Stops tour, Donna’s Ho-Bag, and a SludgeWire for 9/1/98.   

September 2, 1998.  Metal Sludge scams one of those “Try AOL free for a month” CDs and hits the AOL folders by plugging the site everywhere.  We end up with 239 hits as a result of the mass spamming, which also bring in our first, but not last, piece of  hatemail.  It’s about the Hair Chart.  It says, “Since you’re used to it, I guess you can add this to your list of hate mail! I was reading your rock star hair chart and I don’t think it’s very cool to list what is not these guy’s fault by nature. I’m sure if they all had a choice in life, they would pick their talent and achievements over a full head of hair. What if there was a page about penis sizes, wouldn’t that make you a little nervous if you found your name there with “MC” next to it. That means nothing more than a mushroom cap,…yikes that would be at the bottom, below “TW”, meaning teenie weenie.”  Thus the Penis Chart is soon born.

September 3, 1998.  Metal Sludge drops down to 115 hits and bastard boy floyd makes his first post about a site called Gerri Miller Exposed.  His post sucks almost as much as the first Sludge Wire.  And for those of you wondering, Gerri Miller Exposed has since been retired and is no longer up, but we do give shout outs to them for being one of the first Anti-Gerri Miller pages.  

September 4, 1998.  We get a dismal 54 hits today.  The hits slowly start to dwindle down like Slaughter album sales.  

September 6, 1998.  Early Sunday morning, bastard boy floyd is checking the email when he see that Sebastian Bach has emailed Metal Sludge!  Sebastian says, “your site is hilarious i was laughing my ass off ! keep it up i dig the writing style of you guys , it’s totally entertaining & funny ! big balls i can diggit !” Sebastian is Metal Sludge’s first “metal star” to step forward and say he thought we were cool.  However, we still haven’t gotten him to do 20 Questions with us.
Also, Ozzy Stillbourne puts up a column called, “Is It Live Or Memorex,” which talks about what live albums are really live and which ones aren’t.  21 albums were reviewed, but then Ozzy thinks the post isn’t up to his standard since he was fucked up when he wrote it and takes it down.  It was only up for 2 days and has never been seen again!!   If you remember reading that post, then you’re definitely an old school Sludgeaholic.

September 9, 1998.  Metal Sludge’s first poll, “Who Do You Want Sludge About?” finishes up and get a huge 13 votes!!  That’s right, your eyes didn’t deceive you, 13 fucking votes!  The winner of the poll was Slaughter, which sets the tone for the page.  Now see, had KoRn won, we would have been bashing KoRn for a year straight, but since those 13 people voted for Slaughter, it’s was Slaughter.  By the way, Slaughter won with a mega-huge 3 votes.  That’s right, fucking 3.  What can we say, our polls were huge back then.  

September 14, 1998.  Our lowest day ever with only 33 hits.  Which is the number of records Slaughter sold in Las Vegas during their first week of album sales, but that’s besides the point.

September 15, 1998.  The Hatebook gets signed for the first time by a lad named Bobby Holder.  It took us 15 fucking days to get somebody to sign the fucking thing.

September 25, 1998.  Ozzy Stillbourne post his first Random Thoughts On Metal Edge.

September 27, 1998.  We get 152 hits.  C.C. Van Sixx has too many other commitments (such as stalkings, kidnappings, drive-bys, etc), so he says he’ll find a replacement and does so by bringing in Taime “Sex” Slaughter.  Taime is a reformed dress wearing transvestite who has 2 anuses and lives on the Sunset Strip.   C.C. just sticks to coming up with Top 10 Lists, Polls, and behind the scenes shit, basically cause he’s too lazy to do anything else.

September 30, 1998.  The first FU Award is given to Slaughter.  

October, 5, 1998.  Taime “Sex” Slaughter puts up his Sunset Strip Live column.

October 15, 1998. Metal Sludge is such a huge success, Donna Anderson ups her fee to $175 an hour. Also, Sludgeaholics start invading Gerri’s Metal Edge board. During this time, Ozzy Stillbourne begins his “Inside Gerri Miller’s Mind” that exposes her left and right for being the mongoloid we all know she is. And various Metal Edge pinup boys start emailing Metal Sludge and start sucking our balls.

November 3, 1998. Metal Sludge gets an astonishing 307 in one day, which is only 5 more hits than Ozzy Stillbourne takes a day, but that’s another story.

November 9, 1999.  Bastard Boy Floyd decides it’s time to come out of the closet and to show the world what he really looks like.  BBF is soon asked by numerous magazines such as GQ, Playgirl, and Monkey Freaks Weekly to pose on the cover, but a financial agreement is never met to BBF’s approval.  To see his original post on the matter, go here,

November 17, 1998.  Metal Sludge received an email around November 13th from “Rachel Bolan” that said he was a fan of the site.  Being drunk or stoned at the time, we ask “Rachel” if he’d like to be the first person to do 20 Questions with us.  “He” says sure and we sent out the questions.  On November 17th, the questions came back and we put them up.  About a week later we find out it wasn’t from Rachel Bolan, but it was a fake!!  Metal Sludge fines bastard boy floyd a week’s pay and doesn’t allow him to look at any porn for a month.   Metal Sludge then makes the rule that if somebody comes forward saying they are a “metal star” and has a free email account (such as Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) they ain’t getting interviewed!  The fraud turns out to be some chick from Texas who had something like 10 other fake email accounts, and she is taken care of Metal Sludge style, but we can’t talk about that right now.   Let’s move on!

November 18, 1998. Metal Sludge breaks 10,000 hits and Gerri starts seeing the writing on the wall. The writing on the wall said, “Metal Sludge has exposed you, resign now you shit talking, free CD begging, I only wear black dresses, goofy glass wearing bigfoot bitch!” The next day Metal Sludge smashes their previous hits record with 310 hits in one day!

November 19, 1998.  >Lupus from the Bloodhound Gang< does the 1st Official 20 Questions with Metal Sludge.   Lupus says, “Have fun kids, thanks for the questions…some of the better ones I’ve ever been asked.”

November 23, 1998. Metal Sludge EXCLUSIVELY finds out that Gerri Miller has turned in her resignation to Metal Edge. The staff of Metal Sludge is offered a ticker-tape parade in New York City, but bastard boy floyd loses the contact number about the parade and thus gets so many shoes in his ass he could have opened a Foot Locker in there.

November 28, 1998.  Sebastian Bach emails Metal Sludge once again to inform us that a story about him in our mailbag is false.  The story, who was sent in by E~V~I~L, says that people were ripping on Bach outside a Kiss concert in Toronto, and that Sebastian’s limo broke down on the highway.  Sebastian said it was all bullshit and told E~V~I~L, “next time you’re making up stupid lies about me on your way to niagra falls (you fucking hick) , remember this , straight from me to you : it’s fucking GREAT to be filthy rich , unbeleiveably famous , and able to fuck whoever i goddam please. it’s too bad you’ll never be able to experience anything close to the happiness i experience on my shittiest day , you live-in-a-snowbank-work-at-the-donut-shop piece of hoser shit.  thanks for your time fellow Canadian!”  This also marks the last time we hear from Sebastian.  We’ve asked him 4 times to do an interview, and we’ve never gotten a response.

December 2, 1998.  Tracii Guns sends back his 20 Questions, but only answers 10 of them.  He said, “this turned out really boring! Try to come up with some funnier questions, I want to have fun with it.”  Of course it was boring cause Tracii didn’t answer any of the good questions.  

December 3, 1998. Metal Sludge has been up for 3 months, and Gerri officially admits she is leaving by saying this: “It is true. I am leaving after this issue in production (Apr.). However, I will–at least for the time being–provide the news items at this website and answer questions about bands here (not specific what-will-be-in-the-magazine questions, for obvious reasons).” Not only that, but Jani Bon Neil gets his issue of Playboy in the mail a few days earlier than expected, so it was a great day for all!

December 7, 1998.  Stevie Rachelle, formerly of Tuff, steps forward and does 20 Questions, and we get  342 hits, which is our biggest day…for the time being.

December 24, 1999.  Taime “Sex” Slaughter post his >“Twaz Da Nite B4 X-Mas”< which gets rave reviews.  

December 29, 1998.  We get 370 hits, shattering our previous record by 28 hits!  WhooHoo, we’re big time now!

December 31st, 1998.  Metal Sludge gets informed that somebody has registered for us, without asking us about it.  They ask us to let them host our site, which we reply, “Thanks, but no thanks.”  Actually, it might have been a little more brutal than that, but close enough.  We then register cause we like to do things on our own and don’t trust anybody. puts a link up to our site anyways, so we’re down with that.

That’s right, you’ve been reading this shit for like the last 10-15 minutes.  45 minutes if you’re a Slaughter fan.  It’s time for you to stop squinting at your screen, get up from your chair, and go take a piss.  Maybe get something to drink, grab a snack, masturbate, and stretch your legs.  Once you’re done with that, you can continue reading.

This has been a public service announcement courtesy of the staff at Metal Sludge.



January 7, 1999. >John Corabi< from Union does a very entertaining 20 Questions which will go on to show people how it’s suppose to be done.  After the Corabi interview goes up, Union attendance at their shows goes up from 100 people to 103!

January 23, 1999.  Metal Sludge starts it’s very own Death Pool which nobody has collected yet.  As of September ’99, the total is up to $780 bucks.   That’s a lot of porn!

February 13, 1999.  We were sent an email saying that Slaughter’s Dana Strum said that he would look over our questions and possibly do 20 Questions with us.  So this was the day we sent out the questions.  We still haven’t heard back from Dana.  If you’d like to see the questions we asked Dana, go to the 20 Questions Pussy List.  

February 17th, 1999.  Johnny Crypt, formerly of L.A. Guns, does 20 Questions, which is just weeks after he quit L.A. Guns.  Crypt holds the record for sending back his 20 Questions the fastest.  He sent them back in like an hour, but what else does Johnny Crypt have to do?

February 22, 1999.  An email comes in saying that Blas Elias has a hidden page at which contains his personal links.  And on his links is METAL SLUDGE!  We investigate, and low and behold, there is Metal Sludge, right above Metal Edge!  We immediately post the address to his hidden links to show the world the Blas is a closet Sludgeholic, but the page is taken down within a few hours once Blas finds out.

February 25, 1999.  Metal Sludge brings in 486 hits.  Donna starts her period.

February 27, 1999.  Metal Sludge makes new L.A. Guns bass player Stefan Adika’s monkey ass famous by doing 20 Questions with him.  Unfortunately, Stefan was in the band for about 15 minutes.  In March, Stefan gets into a huge battle in the Ho-Bag when a girl sends in a picture of him kissing her, despite the fact that Stefan had said he never cheats on his wife.  Stefan gets pissed and has his friends email Donna asking her to take it down, and even threatens the girl who sent in the picture, but Donna is too busy painting her toe nails to be bothered and leaves the picture up. 

March 1, 1999.  Fred Coury of Cinderella fame does 20 Questions.

March 9th, 1999.  Metal Sludge is named’s site of the day, which bring in 683 hits!  We get to add a fancy ass little banner at the bottom of the page saying so, but since then, is under construction so our little banner guy can’t be seen.

March 27, 1999.  >Rikki Rockett of Poison< is able to hang and gets 22 Questions.

April 5, 1999. Taime Downe, formerly of Faster Pussycat and currently of The Newlydeads, does 20 Questions.  Taime says once and for all he isn’t gay.  Yeah, ok, whatever you say.

April 6, 1999.  20 Questions are sent to Erik Turner of Warrant, who agreed to do 20 Questions, but he never sends them back.  Another puss out.  His questions can also be seen in the 20 Questions Pussy List.

April 11, 1999.  Phil Lewis, who was at the time the former singer of L.A. Guns, does 20 Questions with us.  

April 17, 1999.  Bill Leverty of Firehouse puts forth a good effort and does 20 Questions.  Bill says about Dana Strum, “that’s one load his mother should’ve swallowed.”  Ozzy Stillbourne then goes to Best Buy and buys a Firehouse CD.  

April 20, 1999.  Sebastian Bach is emailed for the last time asking him to do 20 Questions with us.  He never replies.  

April 24, 1999.  Ralph Saenz, formerly of L.A. Guns and currently singing in the Van Halen tribute band Atomic Punks, does 20 Questions with us.

May 3rd, 1999.  >Jizzy Pearl< who was at the time the singer for L.A. Guns,  finally cracks and agrees to do 20 Questions.  Jizzy gets asked all sorts of brutal questions, but still manages to hang in there and answer them all.  

May 9, 1999.  Metal Sludge Gets WORLDWIDE PRESS and appears in the New Zealand magazine Brass’ debut  issue.  They do a full color article on our Hair Chart.  To check it out for yourself, go HERE.

May 11, 1999.  After several failed attempts, Metal Sludge snags a 22 Question interview with Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx.  This is just a few weeks after Tommy Lee quits the band.

May 18, 1999.  Ted Poley, formerly of Danger Danger, does an entertaining 20 Questions.  Ted calls Jani Lane “a dick” in his Word Association.  Ozzy Stillbourne, while impressed, can’t bring himself to buy a Danger Danger CD.  Metal Sludge also sends bastard boy floyd to get a P.O. Box, and he ends up getting us one in Rancho Cucamonga, CA!  

May 21, 1999.   Metal Sludge has become so huge a stupid little site pops up called
Metal Sludge Sux, which is a parody of us.  It looks even worse than our site, but we still agree to do an interview with the guy.  The site never takes off (which isn’t surprising) and disappears into obscurity.

May 25, 1999.  Steve Riley from L.A. Guns does 20 Questions.

June 1st, 1999. opens with 2 huge celebrity interviews!  One featuring 20 Questions with former Motley Crue drummer >Tommy Lee< and one featuring porn star and frequent Howard Stern guest >Kendra Jade<.   But just as the new site goes up, the server crashes and our site goes down like the Hindenburg.  This keeps up for a few days and we end up having to put Tommy’s and Kendra’s interview back on our Geocities server.  We still manage to bring in 867 hits.

June 3, 1999.  The server problem gets fixed and officially is up and running.  We haven’t been down since and have no plans of staying down, just so long as nobody trips over the power cord again.  

June 4, 1999.  With all the technical shit taken care of, we pull in 918 hits.  With all our success, bastard boy floyd moves out of his one bedroom trailer park to a nice double wide!

June 7, 1999.  Donna’s Ho-Bag, Volume 2, goes up.  

June 8, 1999.  Perry Richardson of Firehouse does 20 Questions, and Sludge Scan makes it’s debut.

June 13, 1999.  Ozzy Stillbourne gives >Tom Mathers< an FU Award.  This all had to do with Tom saying he was going to sue us because he thought we were behind a site called Perris Records which dealt with rap and country CDs.  Of course we had nothing to do with the site, and the Rap & Country site was taken down, but some reports have said it’s still up.  Either way, Ozzy’s FU Award to Tom is great!

June 15, 1999.  Chip Z’nuff of Enuff Z’Nuff does 20 Questions.  Originally it was suppose to be Donnie Vie, but Chip answered the questions instead.

June 22, 1999.  >Eric Brittingham< does a brutal 20 Questions were he lashes into Slaughter, which cause Slaughter fans everywhere to start bashing Eric.  When asked what rock star deserves a smack in the mouth, Eric replied, “dana strum with an aids infested dick!”  That’s one of the most brutal answers in 20 Questions history.  Later when asked about Dana, he says, “mother should’ve kept the plecenta and thrown him out.”  The entire Metal Sludge staff goes out and buys some Cinderella CDs.
We also debut our new Hatebook.

June 29, 1999.  Slaughter’s “Back To Reality” CD is released, and Metal Sludge celebrates by doing 20 Questions with Slaughter’s Inner Circle.  The Inner Circle knows all about Slaughter and told us many inside scoops.  This controversial and mysterious interview pisses off Slaughter fans everywhere, and opens the eyes of many, but brings us 1,225 hits, which is up to this point our biggest day.  

July 2. 1999.  Metal Sludge gets a new Gossip Board, but then the thing goes down more than Donna Anderson on Warrant’s tour bus.  We switch back and forth between the new and old Gossip Boards, until everybody gets pissed off.  Eventually, the new Message Board is taken down and we go back to the original Gossip Board.

July 6, 1999.  Joey Allen does 20 Questions and says that Jani Lane use to wear a wig and that Bobbi Brown is a “sperm bank.”   He also says, and get this, Warrant use to cheat on their girlfriends/wives!!  And according to Joey, a Warrant reunion will never happen.
We get 1289 hits which is a record.  Also, the Metal Sludge Lame Ass Anarchy Chat Room is official opened, where many Sludgeaholics spend countless hours wasting their time and their lives.

July 11, 1999.  Metal Sludge gets it’s 100,000 hit!  Shawna Albright is the lucky winner and gets a free CD courtesy of Metal Sludge.  She asks for a Buckcherry CD, but we get confused and accidentally send her a Chuck Berry CD.  Buckcherry, Chuck Berry, same thing, right?  Anyways, Shawna gets her CD, but 2 weeks later it get’s stolen out of her car along with her CD Player!  Sucks to be her.  (Note To Bastard Boy Floyd:  Now that you have the CD back, bring me her CD player.)

July 13, 1999.  Brent Muscat, formerly of Faster Pussycat, does 20 Questions with Metal Sludge.  However, it took him about 3 months to send back the questions!

July 19, 1999.  Michael Foster of Firehouse does 20 Questions.

July 20, 1999.  Metal Sludge keeps growing with 1362 hits today.

July 22, 1999.  Steve Blaze from Lillian Axe is sent 20 Questions, but he never sends them back and pusses out.  It’s no big deal, cause nobody gives a fuck about Lillian Axe anyways (their SoundScan proves that)!

July 27, 1999.  Ginger, formerly of The Wildhearts, does 20 Questions.

August 3, 1999.  Chris Van Dahl , formerly of L.A. Guns, does the weakest interview to date.  However, all is not lost for Chris, cause a few weeks later we get an interview that sucks just as much, if not more.

August 4, 1999. Metal Sludge gets 1500 hits.

August 10, 1999.  Billy Sheehan of Mr. Big does a great 20 Questions.  Billy admits in the interview that he played the Last Supper.

August 13, 1999.  The WWF’s Chris Jericho emails Metal Sludge and says he enjoys 20 Questions and would love to be interviewed.  

August 14, 1999.  Metal Sludge sends out 21 Questions to Chris Jericho, and he sends them back later in the day.

August 17, 1999.  Chris Jericho’s 21 Questions go up, and so do our hits with 1821.  Many say this is one of our best interviews.

August 19, 1999.   Word has gotten out about the Chris Jericho interview and Metal Sludge gets 3,210 hits, which is our all time record!  Millions…and millions praise Metal Sludge for getting such a huge interview right as Y2J starts his career in the W.W.F.  But we aren’t cool for long because…

August 20, 1999.   Somebody starts the rumor that the Chris Jericho interview is fake, which causes us to get a bunch of stupid emails from a bunch of 13 year old wrestling marks saying how much we suck.  Yesterday all the wrestling newsboards said it was legit, and today they say it isn’t.  Stupid, fickle bastards.

August 21, 1999. links our interview with Chris proving to all the little jabronies world wide that our interview was indeed legit.  But of course, we don’t need to tell the Sludgeaholics that, cause they all knew that shit.

August 24, 1999.  Kristy “Krash” Majors does the lamest interview since Chris Van Dahl.  Many say it’s even worse.  After word gets out on how lame the interview is, Pretty Boy Floyd has to cancel their Stadium Tour with Metallica.

September 1st, 1999.  Metal Sludge celebrates it’s 1st Birthday by posting this long as Year In Review, and Metal Edge Editor Paul Gargano is revealed as the Metal Sludge Huge Ass Mystery Interview!


So that’s it, Metal Sludge’s Year In Review! 

If you enjoyed this year, you ain’t seen nothing yet.  If you didn’t enjoy this year, then what the fuck are you doing reading our Year In Review?  Go fuck yourself bitch! 


For those of you who like to all sorts of useless info, here is some shit you might be into.



September 1998  2,452
October 1998 3,987
November 1998 6,389
December 1998 7,327
January 1999  7,730
February 1999 8,249
March 1999 11,857
April 1999 12,151
May1999  13,289
June 1999  19,925
July  1999 29,941
August 1999 41,755

Our Highest Month:  August 1999.  41,755 hits

Our Highest Week:  August 16-22, 1999.  12,377 hits, 

Our Highest Day:  August 19th, 3210 hits


Our hits from September 98 – February 99 were counted by The Counter.Com.
Hits from March 99 – August 99 were counted by Extreme Tracking.  The counter on our page is by  All hits are uniques.

Metal Sludge is WorldWide!  
Here is a list of some of the countries that have Sludgeaholics in them, even if we don’t know where half these countries are.  


SLOVAKIA (Slovak Republic)  



We have no idea how some of those people in those countries have any idea what we say, but we’re down with all their foreign asses anyways!




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