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ADAM CAROLLA … Gene Simmons: “Rock n’ Roll guys are Generally Losers, Hardly Qualified to do what they, we do.”

Adam Corolla and Gene Simmons of Kiss

Metal Sludge — Kiss bassist Gene Simmons was recently a guest on the Adam Carolla Show podcast and has plenty to say.

Simmons talks to Carolla about a laundry list of subjects from his ability to speak Hungarian, to his ideas of how to make Kiss stand-out from the word go.

“I’d go to see Lovin Spoonful one of my favorite bands, umm… Sly And The Family Stone, all that stuff when I was growing up, and loved the music but you could have closed your eyes.” says Simmons.

“There was nothing going on on stage, until, a band like The Who, and you had to wait til the end, when Pete (Townsend) would start breaking the guitars and all that.” added Simmons.

Simmons on their idea for Kiss: “So why not start, why not put together a band, with people who believed in the same idea, that as soon as they introduce the band, chaos, all hell breaks loose.

Even before the first chord hits, fire pods, and flash pots and fire balls!”

Simmons also talks about band guys: “Rock n’ roll guys are generally losers, umm, hardly qualified to do what they, we do. If it wasn’t for the guitars around our necks, we’d be asking the next person in line, would you like some fries with that. Let’s call it what it is.” 

Listen to the full interview below on The Adam Carolla Show.



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