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ALL OR NOTHING … Stephen Pearcy wants Ratt “Reunion or Nothing” word is Current Line-Up on Very Last Legs!

Stephen Pearcy of Ratt – Milwaukee July 23rd 2021

Metal Sludge — Are you ready for a Ratt reunion?

If so, for those die-hard fans who said prayers and crossed-fingers in recent years it just may have helped.

The word is there is a new mind-set from within the camp.

A source close to the current Ratt camp has informed Metal Sludge directly that the band’s founder and lead singer Stephen Pearcy has said he wants “A reunion or nothing.”

In addition to that, the source has said that the current lineup may be about done and over with, and much sooner than many may think.

Ratt is currently comprised of two (2) of the original lineup, Pearcy and bassist Juan Croucier.

Aside from the classic members, the group also includes Pete Holmes (Black N’ Blue) on drums, Jordan Ziff (Razer) on lead guitars and newest member Frankie Lindia (David Lee Roth Band) on guitars.

In recent months there has been some buzz around Pearcy with comments he’s made like: “I’m opening the door” about a possible {Ratt} reunion as reported by Blabbermouth.

Metal Sludge was first to report back on February 26th 2021 that Pearcy would be joined by former drummer Bobby Blotzer at a special Live Stream event.

Many found this hard to believe, especially after Blotzer and Pearcy (along with Warren Demartini and Juan Croucier) were at each other’s throats via a slew of lawsuits going back and forth over a several year period.

But a month later on March 27th the Pearcy and Blotzer reunion was confirmed when the pair jammed on classic Ratt tunes at the “Whisky-A-Go-Go” in Hollywood which was also reported by Blabbermouth.

Pearcy also spoke with Eddie Trunk back in January as reported by Ultimate Classic Rock while looking back on Ratt’s lineup changes, the singer reflected: “How many replacements can you have in a band and still consider it legit? So if we’re gonna have something on plastic (vinyl), so to speak, forever, I’d rather have the original band do a record and just not do a Ratt record until that day comes – if it ever happens.”

Pearcy went on to say that he and DeMartini had been writing together before the guitarist quit, one ready for release and the other in development that sounded “amazing.” He continued: “I’m gonna talk to him about it. … He’s not some aggro dude right now. I’m not aggro at any of these people. Look, we created this great thing, and if there’s gonna be a Ratt record, I just off the top of my head said I wanna do it with the original guys, if we’re gonna do one – or don’t even bother.”

Pearcy added: “If we ever do a record, let it be the real guys, and call it a day. If that’s the last thing we do, well, let’s do it. If not, hey, we’ve got the [old] records. That’s all I can say.”

Ratt is currently playing weekend fly-in dates around the U.S. and by the looks of recent videos, there is no shortage of fans flocking to their shows.

If such a reunion was to happen with the surviving original members (putting whatever their differences are or were aside) one can only assume the sky is the limit for the rodent rockers.

Video content below is from a Ratt concert in Milwaukee Wisconsin on Friday July 23rd 2021.

Update: Stephen Pearcy was a guest on the Waste Some Time with Jason Green podcast on Friday July 30th 2021… make sure to listen below.

Fingers crossed…



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