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BLOTZ Vs: BLAZE … Bobby Blotzer issues statement on the departure of lead guitarist Blaze



Bobby Blotzer issues statement on the departure of lead guitarist Blaze

Facebook — Bobby Blotzer has released an official statement confirming the recent rumor Metal Sludge reported that there were soon to be some changes in his Ratt lineup.

Blotzer has now acknowledged lead guitarist Nicolas “Blaze” Baum is no longer on board in a facebook post from earlier today.

Blotzer explained the recent developments by saying; “While we are shocked and saddened by the events that lead up to his departure and do not agree with the manner and time frame in which he chose to let us know, in that only giving us only two days to replace him.”

The band is set to appear this Thursday (August 11th) in Sturgis and has a follow up show in Montana at “Rocking The Rivers” on Friday.

The short turn around from last weekend til this week’s shows won’t leave Blotzer’s version of Ratt much time to prepare a new guitarist. But Metal Sludge has already heard from multiples sources that Blaze’s replacement will be former L.A. Guns guitarist Stacey Blades.

Blades is currently playing guitar in a hair metal tribute based out of Las Vegas called Let It Rawk.

Blotzer continued by saying; “Mr. Baum’s monies will be paid in rear” and noted such things as ‘flights’ totaling ‘$1,376’ and other ‘costs’ that will (first) have to be covered by WBS Inc., a company in which Blotzer is a 50% partner.

More from the rumor mill, Metal Sludge have a source claiming Todd Kerns as the next bassist replacing Robbie Crane.

Below is fan filmed video of Kern’s performing with Ratt in Detroit over the weekend.

Crane replaced Scott Griffin (Ex-L.A. Guns) back in February but was only slated to perform summer shows with Ratt while Black Star Riders were on hiatus between records.

Currently Blotzer’s version of Ratt are fronted by vocalist Joshua Alan and also includes rythym guitarist Doc Ellis from the original Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience.

We have screen captured Blozter’s post below from the Ratt facebook page.

Stay tuned for more updates and news….





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