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CASH ME OUTSIDE … Vinnie Vincent Selling copies of Handwritten Lyrics from Kiss and VVI for $125,000.00


Blabbermouth — Former KISS guitarist Vinnie Vincent has made a collection of handwritten lyrics available for purchase via his official web site.

You can own handwritten lyrics to any or all songs penned by Vinnie Vincent from both the KISS and VINNIE VINCENT INVASION catalogs.


* $3,500 per individual song
* $50,000: complete set of all 14 Vinnie Vincent KISS handwritten lyrics
* $75,000: complete set of all 20 VINNIE VINCENT INVASION handwritten lyrics
* $125,000: complete set of all KISS and VINNIE VINCENT INVASION handwritten lyrics

Vincent — who was a member of KISS when the band publicly “unmasked” in 1983 — made several public appearances in 2018 after spending the past two decades out of the public eye.

In 1983, KISS wrote and released “Lick It Up” — their first album without makeup — a recording on which Vincent co-wrote eight of 10 songs, including the title track, which remains a staple of the group’s live performances to this day.

Despite the album’s success, Vincent was fired by KISS after the “Lick It Up” touring cycle came to an end, allegedly due to a dispute over both the terms of his employment contract with the band and royalties. From there, Vincent founded VINNIE VINCENT INVASION, which recorded two albums.

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