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Update: CHERRY PIE WRECK! Bobbie Brown involved in car accident



Bobbie Brown involved in serious car accident

Update Monday December 21st 2015: Metal Sludge reached out to Bobbie directly and we asked how she was feeling. Simply put Brown replied; “miserable.”

Bobbie was on her way to a Doctor’s appointment today and said getting ready is no easy task. We’re guessing with broken bones, and a sore body it’s definitely no fun.

We wish Bobbie a speedy and full recovery.


Facebook — Bobbie Brown the Cherry Pie Girl has been involved in a pretty bad auto accident. So bad, the word is that she has several broken bones and her car was totaled!

According to multiple posts from Bobbie’s cast mates from reality show Ex-Wives Of Rock the video vixen was in a wreck on December 16th.

Athena Kottak and Sharise Neil have both posted messages about the accident on their official Facebook pages. According to Athena’s most recent update Bobbie is okay and recovering but did suffer several broken bones, including her hand, arm and several ribs.

We’d like to send out some love to Bobbie on a speedy recovery.

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