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COPS SAY … Local Police allege Ace Frehley’s tour manager Johnny ‘O’ made Death Threat against Indiana Festival Chairman: “One Day I’m Going to Come Back Here, and You’re Dead.”

Johnny ‘O’ Ostrosky with Ace Frehley, formerly of Kiss – Photo courtesy Facebook

Those on scene told police that Ostrosky had been causing problems with festival staff all evening and had threatened to fight Wyman multiple times.” — Pharos Tribune – Kokomo Indiana

Metal Sludge — In a new article posted earlier today (July 4th 2023) on a local Indiana website called the Pharos Tribune, there has been a more descriptive report about what was alleged to have happened last weekend at the Ace Frehley concert.

This is a follow-up to our original article: SHOCK ME … Ace Frehley’s manager Johnny ‘O’ arrested for ‘Disorderly Conduct’, ‘Alcohol Public Intoxication’, ‘Intimidation’ and ‘Resisting Arrest’.

Frehley was appearing at the Hayne Apperson Festival last Friday night (June 30th 2023) in Kokomo Indiana, where it is alleged the famous guitarist’s tour manager John Joseph Ostrosky, 53, of Bayonne New Jersey became hostile towards the local festival’s Chairman Paul Wyman.

Ostrosky who has also been labeled as Frehley‘s manager and personal assistant by various reports, is being reported to have caused enough of a disturbance back-stage that eventually the police were called.

According to the Pharos Tribune article: “Those on scene told police that Ostrosky had been causing problems with festival staff all evening and had threatened to fight Wyman multiple times, according to the affidavit. Wyman told police he wanted Ostrosky to leave Rhum Academy or be criminal trespassed.

At one point, Ostrosky is reported to have said that the band would never be coming back to play Kokomo.

Inside of complying with orders to leave the business, according to the affidavit, Ostrosky became even more agitated and belligerent, ignoring his own staff’s plea to comply with police and leave. He only left the building after his staff physically pushed him out of the building.

It didn’t end there, though.”

Ostrosky, who uses the pka Johnny Ostronomy has also used the name Johnny ‘O‘ seems to have ruffled feathers with others in similar concert situations.

Eric Jeffreys is the frontman for a hard rock band based out of Los Angeles.

Jeffreys is well known in and around the Hollywood scene for decades and his band The Hard Way have often shared the stage with many of rock’s biggest acts including Frehley earlier this year.

Jeffreys took to social media to share some of his experiences with Ostrosky.

“He was a total douchebag to us when we opened for Ace at the Whisky in February sooooo…. I’m not sad about this. #Truth wrote Jeffreys in a Facebook comment on a related article about the Ostrosky arrest.

Jeffreys continued: “What made our experience with this dickhead even worse was the we were the ONLY opening band for that show & Ace’s drummer used to play in our band. After our set, this dude wouldn’t even let us be in the backstage hallway. He kept ushering us into our dressing room so we wouldn’t encounter Ace. The whole thing was just sh??ty.”

Another rocker named Freakshow chimed in: “That guy is a F??king tool he’s right where he f??king belongs … yea I agree Eric Jeffreys … he was a major dick to me also when I met him in Nashville.”

The Pharos Tribune article also states: “Ostrosky continued to yell and argue with police. Once outside, the disturbance attracted attention from festival goers, some of whom filmed the incident.

Police were able to direct Ostrosky to his van, but the tour manager continued to make a scene.

That’s when, according to the affidavit, Ostrosky pointed his finger at Wyman and made the death threat. Wyman, who was sitting on a golf cart with his family, looked to be in state of “disbelief” upon hearing the threat, according to the affidavit.

That’s when the KPD officer arrested Ostrosky. A portable breathalyzer test showed Ostrosky had a 0.117 blood alcohol level, according to the affidavit.”

Word from a source close to the Ace Frehley camp, have told Metal Sludge directly that Ostrosky was bailed out the same morning he was arrested.

As of press time, it appears Frehley is slated to play several concerts in the coming months.

ACE FREHLEY Summer & Fall Tour Dates 2023

InformationJune 30, 2023 – Kokomo, IN – Haynes Apperson Festival

TicketsJuly 1, 2023 – St. Charles, IL – Arcada Theatre

TicketsJuly 7, 2023 – Gettysburg, PA – All Star Complex (Gettysburg Bike Week)

InformationJuly 8, 2023 – Flemington, NJ – Schaefer Farms

TicketsJuly 9, 2023 – Ridgefield, CT – The Ridgefield Playhouse

TicketsJuly 13, 2023 – Cedar Park, TX – Haute Spot

TicketsJuly 14, 2023 – Houston, TX – House of Blues

TicketsJuly 15, 2023 – Dallas, TX – The Echo Lounge and Music Hall

TicketsJuly 28, 2023 – Franklin, OH – JD Legends

TicketsJuly 29, 2023 – Lincoln City, IN – Lincoln Ampitheatre

InformationAugust 16, 2023 – Virginia Beach, VA – Oceanfront Concert Series

TicketsAugust 18, 2023 – Winston-Salem, NC – The Ramkat

TicketsAugust 19, 2023 – Roanoake, VA – Dr,. Pepper Park

TicketsAugust 24, 2023 – Portsmouth, NH – The Music Hall

TicketsAugust 25, 2023 – Plymouth, MA – Plymouth Memorial Hall

TicketsAugust 26, 2023 – Nashua, NH – Nashua Center for the Arts

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