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DEVIL CITY ANGELS drop ‘Boneyard’ video, apologize for fan refund issue from their Pledge Music campaign


Facebook  — DEVIL CITY ANGELS have officially dropped their video for “Boneyard” today. The song is from their forth coming debut on Century Media due for a fall 2015 release.

“Boneyard” looks to be great quality and was produced by Veva Entertainment with Robert Graves as director and Marco De Molina as producer.

DCA is essentially a modern day super-group comprised of in order of superness…..Rikki Rockett (Poison) on drums, Rudy Sarzo on bass who has played with everyone from Ozzy to Whitesnake to Quiet Riot, and Tracii Guns (Ex-L.A. Guns) on guitars.

Cathouse_Block_SwagBrandon Gibbs is the odd-man out for not having any real ‘super’ in his past but brings more freshness to the table then his aging band mates. When we say super, well it’s safe to say the super is going Platinum. Dig?

Gibbs is not 50 and in truth, he just turned 30 so the band has some youth front and center which can’t hurt.

The DCA members have years of baggage but they also collectively posses nearly 100 years of experience if you add it up. No harm guys, just trying to give your singer a little love.

Rockett is 53, Guns will turn 50 in January and Sarzo is pushing 100. Okay, not quite, but for 64, we gotta say….damn Rudy looks pretty fucking good. Not sure what the Sarz is eating, but for all those road years with Ozzy, banging heads with DuBrow and Whitesnake insanity he’s definiteluy holding on.

Think about it, the next rounded up number stop for Sarzo is 70.

This tune is rocking but also pretty bluesy. In truth, Gibbs is more Brother Cane than the pop or the sleaze rock that made Poison or L.A. Guns so popular. And for that, DCA sounds cooler than they would have had they grabbed a 50 something bleach haired jackass who is standing in the Rainbow waiting for a gig.

Add to that Mr. Guns is no slouch on guitar, or as he calls ’em….geetars.

Check out their new video and song below.

Also of note from Devil City Angels official facebook, it seems their fans did not all receive an official refund from their Pledge Music campaign the band launched last year to help fund their recording.

The band isn’t too happy and posted a message about it today.





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