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DOWN BOYS … Joey Allen on Jerry Dixon and whether he’ll ever return to Warrant; “I don’t know. We’d love that. But if not, we’ve got a family member in Robbie Crane.”

Joey Allen of Warrant on the Tulsa Music Stream podcast

There’s nothing wrong with Jerry (Dixon). There’s nothing wrong with the band (Warrant).
Joey Allen

Metal Sludge — In a brand new interview with the Tulsa Music Stream podcast, Warrant guitarist Joey Allen is the guest.

Allen talks about a mix of past, present and future, including the band’s classic era vocalist, frontman and primary song-writer Jani Lane who passed away in 2011 and the group’s bassist Jerry Dixon.

As most readers know, Dixon has been absent from the Warrant live set for a few years now, with the exception of an occasional appearance.

Since Dixon‘s departure, Robbie Crane has been filling the bass slot, and seemingly done so quite flawlessly.

Allen explains a bit of that dynamic in this latest interview as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH: “Look, Jerry has been in this band since the beginning. He’s played every gig for 35 years. It’s not foreign to anybody that travels and does 125 to 150 flights a year, you can get burnt out on doing that. You can get tired of hotels, you can get tired of planes, and Jerry just needs to take a break. He’s healthy. He’s coming in and playing the shows at the end of every month. There’s nothing wrong with Jerry. There’s nothing wrong with the band. Robbie Crane, who is an amazing bass player and an amazing person, has been playing bass pretty much for this band since COVID got over with and we came back out. And he brings a whole another set of tools to this band that’s made everybody in the band step their game up. So, for us, even though we’d love to have Jerry there 24-7, he’s not. Will he ever be again? I don’t know. We’d love that. But if not, we’ve got a family member in Robbie. Robbie‘s known the guys in the band since before I was in the band in ’84. Robbie grew up in Hollywood, so he’s been a part of the music scene in L.A. for a long time. And it is what it is. But that’s the dirt.”

You can listen to the full podcast with Joey Allen below.

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