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DW? … Sebastian Bach gets “High as F?@k” on Cameo video then Drives 50+ Miles to work in Los Angeles

The above collage of photos are all in sequential order as shown on the Cameo video from Sebastian Bach’s instagram

Metal Sludge — Still trending?

One of rock n’ roll’s most dangerous singers just might be trending (again) sooner than later – especially if he doesn’t edit his behavior accordingly.

Simply put, driving while impaired is not cool.

Rock singer Sebastian Bach has uploaded a new Cameo to his Instagram writing: “Happy 50th Birthday to David Ross O’Hagan from Muskoka!”

But the content of the entire video is a bit more disturbing than the initial look.

The clip shows the singer waking up (not wanting to wake up in 2020), drinking coffee, in the shower washing his hair and even brushing his teeth – who knew?

Bach, 52, also expresses anger at 2020 saying with a quivering and sad almost breaking voice: “I f?cking hate! This f?cking Administration. For what they’ve done to this country! More than anything.”

Then Bach tells his viewers (at the 2:00 mark): “We’re in a country that, we have to risk our lives to pay our bills. And I am going into Los Angeles, for the first time since March, because I have responsibilities just like all you.”

Bach continues (2:55 mark): “I am so sick of this sh!t every f?cking day man. Why am I drinking coffee for, so I can get hyper and do nothing? Oh my God. First thing I am going to do here today, I wanna get high as f?ck!”

Bach then grabs multiple jars of what appears to be differnt types of marijuana, smelling the contents before choosing one and blurting out a quick: “F?ck you Trump.”

He then grinds up the substance and rolls a joint with his dirty fingernails in full view.

Bach smokes freely in the video telling viewers how lame everything is adding: “Time to make America not suck again.”

After the shower session Bach demonstrates his ability to work a blow dryer then snarls in the mirror: “Hey 2020 one thing you can’t take away from this world is my f?cking hair”.

The clip continues with footage of Bach in the driver’s seat of his vehicle (at the 9:20 mark) saying: “I made it here, to work in Los Angeles. After I got my hair looking good. Guy liner, brushed my teeth and shaved.”

This is followed by some subsequent clips of him on the video set where he logs off the Happy Birthday Cameo to the fan.

All of this footage is in the same Cameo clip uploaded on the singer’s official Instagram. (as seen below)

It’s a bit disturbing that Bach tells viewers he’s going to get “high as f?ck”, then smokes a joint and ultimately ends up in his car more than hour from his home.

An industry source confirms, Bach lives in Camarillo California, which by a quick google search, is 52 miles north of Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week Bach got into a drunken rTwitter war with professional wrestler and Fozzy singer Chris Jericho.

By most accounts, Bach seemed to have come out on the short end of that night-long fiasco.

Bach even wrote he was drunk alone in bed and wondered why his name was trending on the popular social media platform.

Watching this latest video clearly shows Sebastian Bach is suffering.

From what, who really knows.

Maybe he is angry that he couldn’t go on tour and get paid $15,000 or $20,000 a night all summer long to sing to his fans.

Everyone is affected, people with high profile jobs and those who have little to no income the same.

Welcome to 2020 champ, deal with it… we all are in the same boat.

Maybe next time you put on your favorite Kiss socks, how about putting on your big-boy pants as well and quit blaming the world for your misery.

Lastly, do NOT do drugs – legal or otherwise and then drive your car.

Fair enough?

Happy 2020.

Bach smells one of his jars of stuff.
Bach rolls a joint with finger nails that resemble a 12 year old’s.
Bach smokes a joint blows smoke into the camera and says “F?ck you 2020!”
Mileage Camarillo to Los Angeles California according to Google


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