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East Coast metal band FOR THE KILL issue debut E.P.



The band has a hot new CD and lots of promise
By Gerry Gittelson

Metal Sludge Editor at Large


Metal Sludge covers rock from coast to coast — and beyond — and we’ve found a promising metal act from New York called For The Kill, who impress with a four-song CD that stands above the pack thanks to excellent musicianship and vocals combined with excellent songs that vary from heavy alternative to progressive rock to heavy metal, sometimes all in the same song.

FTK_for-the-kill-150x250-cdbabyThese gents from Long Island really know what they’re doing.

“Leave Me Be” opens the proceedings with a jolt, the likes of which you can only understand if you know what’s it like to down consecutive canisters of five-hour energy drink. “Fire and Whiskey” comes along and keep the pedal to the metal. “Freedom” sounds like it could have been a big radio hit on KNAC back in the day. “Fire of The Dragon” closes, and it’s a selection that probably would make the late Ronnie James Dio proud.

Not since the great D-Generation have we seen a New York hard-rock this promising.

Frank The Bald Guy sings and plays guitar, Joey C. plays lead guitar, Tommy D. handles the bass, and The Count Diefenbach pounds away on the drums.

The members have been seen in various bands and venues over the years. Joe came from Mindless Sanity. Tommy came from Mansrea. Frank came from Kindread. The Count is a mysterious fellow who kept time for Wardance (and was paramount in Frank’s early music career).

Three of the four performed in the local melodic groove metal sensation Constricted. It was during the many high profile shows with Constricted that the seeds for this new project were sown. Constricted shared the stage with Testament, King’s X, The Misfits, Fozzy, Helloween, Life of Agony, Ill Nino, Shadows Fall, Nuclear Assault and Brand New Sin. Joe and Frank were in the line up for a portion of the Jagermeister tour, which featured The Autumn Offering, Bobaflex and Soil.


Joe, Frank and Tommy decided that For The Kill must happen one day. In early 2011, they began writing and rehearsing in Tommy’s basement. These sessions featured Tommy on drums, Joe on guitar and Frank on bass and vocals. The year 2012 brought some internal shifting as Tommy took over bass duties.

The band is still essentially a hard rock band. The Count adds a slightly progressive edge. They have been featured in The Exposed Music Festival at Trash Bar in Brooklyn. They played a Whisky show in Hollywood in 2013.

We would to see ’em back in Los Angeles.


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