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FORGIVE US FOR WE HAVE SINNED … Stryper nation lose their minds over Metal Sludge lip-sync article



Stryper nation lose their minds over Metal Sludge lip-sync article



From Heaven And Beyond — Well it appears that Metal Sludge has struck a nerve with Stryper, and their faithful fans.

After our recent Stryper TO HELL WITH THE LIVE VOCALS article, the inbox here at Metal Sludge headquarters has been slammed.

Just to set a few facts straight.

Metal Sludge ran a piece that questioned the authenticity of the band’s live vocals with a youtube video attached.

Not that we’re keeping score here, but Metal Sludge is not alone in our position that something seemed fishy with the clip.

Especially around the 1:58 to 2:12 minute mark of their performance of “Calling On You” at Frontiers Music Festival in Italy.

Since our article ran we have received a plethora of responses.

metalbabe_block_150_1Included was a hot-headed and demanding email from the band’s publicist telling us we’re irresponsible and insisting we remove the article immediately.

Hey buddy, go pound sand.

We also received a very cordial, polite and professsional email from the band’s management. Which turned into a delightful phone chat as well.

Thank you, that was fair and pleasant.

In addition, we have received incoming (texts, instant messages and emails) from (some of) the band’s road crew (who shall remain nameless) and countless fans.

The only individual who has not contacted us yet, is God himself.

It’s funny how one person’s input from the Stryper camp varies to the next and now yesterday Michael Sweet has responded too.

Sweet took to social media to show the world that they can sing their parts live. (see video below)

Aside from his own lead vocals, the band shows off with guitarist Oz Fox mimicking the lead voice of Sweet.

It appears that the band, crew and camera person orchestrated the bit to show the world, and of course Metal Sludge that they can sing like birds.

Bravo for you guys, clearly you have been blessed with talent.

In the end, it seems that Stryper and their fans are very sensitive to any type of criticism.

Also for those who may have skipped our original article, and are just going off of headlines or other commentary.

Please make note, we included excerpts from a 2016 interview with Michael Sweet when the singer admits the band has used tracks.

In the interview with BigMusicGeek, Sweet admits to the band’s use of backing tracks and talks openly about it.

Sweet says: “Absolutely. And like I said, we keep it to a minimum. On the last tour we did in 2014, we might have had four or five songs that had some tracks to enhance and help us. It was all stuff that we really wanted people to hear live that we couldn’t pull off live.”

Metal Sludge never said Stryper couldn’t play. We never said they were incapable of performing said parts, or their songs.

We simply pointed out the video, which to some fans seems a bit suspicious.

Along with the publicist, management, related Stryper staff, fans and now the band themselves, we get it you all have thin skin.

We look forward to your great tour, amazing live shows, and of course catching a Bible to take home for a souvenir too.





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