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I’M NOT GONNA BE A RACIST BUT… “Black people are all one dimensional” Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns



“Black people are all one dimensional” Phil Lewis of L.A. Guns


Baltimore, MD — L.A. Guns kicked off their 2o16 World Tour with a bang last night at “Fish Head Cantina” in Baltimore, Maryland.

The band played a searing set of hits but the intro to their biggest hit “Ballad of Jayne” was preceeded by what some might call a racist comment by lead singer Phil Lewis.

While the world mourns the loss of Prince, Lewis talked openly about the band’s first Minneapolis show at the famous club “First Avenue”.

The English born singer went onto say; “I don’t wanna bum you out. You know who just died, and I don’t wanna bring it down or anything.”

The frontman then tells a little story about being on tour and playing Minnesota. Along with his appreciation for Prince after seeing the movie that cemented him as an 80’s icon.

Lewis adds; “We were all into that Prince, right Purple Rain. I mean, it was so cool. Because you know, you had all your heavy sh?t, and then you had the pop sh?t. And there was Prince doing his own fu??ing thing.”

The crowd seemed to eat it up as Lewis briefly talked about the untimely passing of a true music legend.

Then came this; “The problem is right now and I’m not going to be a racist about it, but black people are all one dimensional. We need more Prince’s man. We need less fu??ing Rapper’s and more people like Prince.”

“There I said it” added Lewis.

The crowd seemed somewhat stunned as a near hush fell over the crowd immediately following the singer’s bold comments.

Lewis let out a big sigh after a long pause, and adds; “Anyway…when we first played ‘First Avenue’ nobody knew whe the fu?k we were.”

Lewis continued with; “It wasn’t going very well. I’ll be honest. You never know with these things, and then we played this song and it changed everything.”

Video of their performance including “Ballad of Jayne” with the intro from April 22nd are all posted below.




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