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DON’T STOP BLEEDING! JOURNEY Drummer Arrested for Assault, 2nd Incident in 3 years


TMZ — Deen Castronovo — the current drumer for Journey — was arrested for assault after an early morning domestic dispute … TMZ has learned.

Salem Oregon PD tells us they got called to a home … which they believe was Castronovo’s … around 9 AM Sunday. Police entered the home and arrested him without incident. It’s still unclear who else was involved in the incident.

Castronovo was booked for assault, coercion, and menacing. He’s been released on bail.

Castronovo was also arrested in Oregon in 2012 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

Journey is currently on tour and their next date is Saturday at the Hollywood Bowl. As for whether Castronovo will be playing drums — no comment from the band’s rep.

The above is courtesy of TMZ




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