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KISS … Gene Simmons finds Buyer for Glass Palace Home in Las Vegas and the Price Tag is a Whopping $13.5M

Gene Simmons and his Las Vegas area Home

TMZ Gene Simmons is one huge step closer to leaving Las Vegas, now that he’s found someone to snatch up what he thought was his dream home … until his family strongly disagreed.

The KISS rocker is selling his beautiful glass palace for $13.5 million and it’s got a lot to offer. The 6-bed, 8-bath house features a koi pond, an 11-car garage and many of those glass walls are retractable!

No shocker here, but Gene built the 11,000 sq. ft. home in the perfect location — the crib has sparkling views of the Vegas strip and the surrounding desert.

And, you can take in all of that from the spacious pool.

Back in December, Gene was on TMZ Live, and told us how much he loved the house, and also why he’d put it on the market.

He told us after all of the perks that came with living in Vegas, the one issue that made him sell — his family members aren’t huge fans of desert life. Something about the heat and having strippers down the street wasn’t a great sales point for them.

Gene says he bought the property next door as well … planting 137 trees on the land — something hard to come by in that Nevada weather.

The Vegas home is currently under contract … meaning an offer has been accepted, but we’re told it won’t close until next month. Simmons was accepting crypto as payment for the house, but it’s unclear if the buyer went that route.

Ivan Sher of Berkshire Hathaway held the listing.

Read the story and see full photo gallery at TMZ



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