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January 1st 2016 – Live review by Izzy Presley



L.A. Guns and Faster Pussycat kick off the New Year at “The Whisky” 


IP_Jan_5_2016_1Hollywood, CALIFORNA — 2016 kicked off with a bang at the world famous Whisky A Go Go as Faster Pussycat and LA Guns put on a killer sold out show.  When I say sold out, I mean elbow to assholes and opening bands trying to sell their tickets for upwards of $200 sold out.

LAG_FP_Whisky_Jan_1_2016_3Both bands played killer sets as you would expect and both bands also payed homage to our fallen rock & roll icon, Lemmy Kilmister.

Taime Down talked about how Pussycat toured with Motörhead in 1987 on their first record and how Lemmy and the boys chased them down for photographs.  Faster Pussycat guitar player Ace Von Johnson had a Motörhead banner hanging from his cabinet all night long and the band proceeded to play the Motörhead classic, “Killed By Death” as a tribute. See the video clip below.

PL_LAG_Jan_2_2016_1Although LA Guns did not bust out one of the iconic songs penned by Mr Kilmister, front man Phil Lewis recalled knowing Lemmy for close to 40 years and told a story about ending up with his passport.

The other two devolepments that came from this show were Phil Lewis speaking of recording another LA Guns record in 2016 which will feature current guitar player Michael Grant and will be the follow up to 2012’s “Hollywood Forever”, AND Mr Lewis speaking for the Cathouse Tour that will feature LA Guns and Faster Pussycat.  Personally I would have it no other way.

The show itself?  Balls out rock & roll by two of the bands that ruled the Sunset Strip when it was still the Sunset Strip that we knew and loved.  It was capped off with the Faster Pussycat Choir (Ace Von Johnson, Chad Stewart, Xristian Simon) storming the LA Guns stage to sing backups on “Ballad Of Jayne” and “Rip & Tear” which also featured Mr. Von Johnson playing guitar along with Michael Grant.  That is kind of a match made in rock & roll heaven.

One hell of a way to kick off the new year. Pussycat and LA Guns in an iconic rock & roll club.

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