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Motley Crue Live: ‘Nikki high-fived people & Vince was thankful’ review of Charlotte 8/29


‘Nikki high-fived people & Vince was thankful’ 
Motley Crue Charlotte NC Sat 8/29
Review By: RedHotPunk

Alice Cooper nailed it as usual. Great set list and theatrics as past shows of this tour. Great audience reaction, very receptive.

Same set list as has been posted before, opened with ‘Girls’, then went into ‘Wildside’.

From the vids I had seen not sure how opening with ‘Girls’ would be but it was somewhat different. The sound was much better indoors than it was outdoors last year at the outdoor shed they played at here.

Was not as loud as I had expected. Vince seemed to have sung just about every word I could make out.

Surprisingly I did not hear any tracked guitar sounds. During ‘Girls’, ‘Louder Than Hell’ etc.. no backing guitars while solo played.

Low point of the night was Mick Mars guitar solo. While the dude can still shed, it was absolutely bizarre.

They had one spotlight on him during the solo, dude stood still and wailed.  People headed for concessions/bathrooms in droves while most remaining were seated.  You could not make out really what he was trying to play.

Tommy solo was as usual, he didnt introduce anything as he usually does like ‘Yo Yo man I’m comin’ to see my peeps’ or such. He was introduced by that scary omen music Ozzy wld open with, then he just started playing and almost immedialty the drum coaster came our way.

I was lucky enough to score about 26 rows back and be on the side where they played ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Nikki high-fived people and showed he was having fun. Vince was thankful.

The power lifts they used over the audience during ‘Kickstart’ were cool. They need to drop ‘Motherfucker Of The Year’ and ‘Anarchy’, nobody cares, playing just 1 song from first album, ‘Live Wire’, blows. And 2 songs from ‘Shout’, ‘Looks That Kill’ and ‘Shout’. Plus ‘Shout’ being played at the original speed and format.

Cool video of Motley history during ‘Home Sweet Home’.

Dr Feelgood album had most songs played from it, being ‘Feelgood’, ‘Kisckstart’, ‘SOS’ and ‘Dont Go Away Mad’.

Would have been cool to hear ‘Red Hot’ or ’10 Seconds To Love’, ‘Smokin’ In The Boys Room’ had a cool vibe to it.

Some vids below. Enjoy

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