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Phil Varone lashes out and calls Skid Row "a cover band" labels Dave 'Snake' Sabo "a coward" and Rachel Bolan "Napolean"


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Phil Varone lashes out and calls Skid Row “a cover band” labels Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo “a coward” and Rachel Bolan “Napolean”


PV_Aug_17_2014_4Facebook — Phil Varone has officially put Dave “Snake” Sabo and Rachel Bolan of the band Skid Row on blast.

The former drummer for the the New Jersey rockers who rose to fame with their 1989 self titled debut launched a facebook post this last Friday that was heavy handed for sure.

Varone lashed out at guitarist Dave “Snake” Sabo labeling him “a coward” and calling bassist Rachel Bolan ‘Napolean.”

Varone joined Skid Row in 2000 and toured with the band for several years opening for KISS, Def Leppard and Poison. During those tours Varone also filmed some pretty racy rock n’ roll debauchery filled footage.

Part of that footage became the drummer’s own personal trek through rock n’ roll on the road. Varone produced and starred in the 2007 documentary “Waking Up Dead.”

We have screen captured Varone’s message below. It appears it was in response to a comment Sabo had made about Varone’s documentary calling it “gross”.


Varone and Skid Row have been in the news before. According to in February 2010 Varone had filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates Dave “Snake” Sabo and James Southworth (pka Rachel Bolan). Varone said that Sabo and Southworth “have embarked on a crusade to spread vicious lies about Varone in an effort to destroy his professional and personal reputation” and “to prevent him from truthfully describing his career history as the drummer for Skid Row, by contending that his use of the band name is trademark infringement”. 

Varone also claimed the pair “had falsely informed people that Varone had slept with Sabo’s wife, that Varone is a cocaine addict and that Varone is a liar,”  Read the entire article right HERE.

Phil Varone also recently talked with Metal Sludge about rock, cock and some other stuff. Check out that July 28th 2014 feature article right HERE

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