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Kiss limited edition pinball machines for $11,995.00



Kiss selling limited edition pinball machines for $11,995.00

Kissonline — Don’t miss your chance for the ultimate pinball experience.

There’s only 75 left of this model in the entire world and we’ve secured 50 for our most loyal fans, the KISS AMRY. To make this even more special, Gene, Paul, Tommy and Eric have hand signed these units.

KISS_PBM_Sept_5_2015_4Pre-Order yours today HERE!

Stern Pinball’s KISS pinball machines reflect the energy, excitement, and experience of a live KISS concert. Players will experience 10 famous KISS hits in the concert arena play-field and embark on an exhilarating experience ultimately becoming elite members of the KISS Army. Players score points and finish game objectives to fuel the audience’s energy and excitement. Higher scores amp the experience–the higher the energy level, the bigger and louder the show–resulting in a KISS concert experience like none other. Players are awarded for completing game goals with a variety of in-game front row seats, backstage VIP access and fun multi-ball modes that thrill players of all skill levels.
The game is built on Stern’s new SPIKE pinball platform, which includes an upgraded high-fidelity 3-channel audio system over 3 times more powerful than previous generation pinball audio systems.

KISS Pinball includes an amazing array of modern and retro features to appeal to players of all skill levels:
● 10 famous KISS hit songs: Deuce, Hotter Than Hell, Lick It Up, Shout It Out Loud, Detroit Rock City, Calling Dr. Love, Rock & Roll All Night, Love Gun, Love It Loud and Black Diamond
● Custom speech from Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons
● Full-color high-intensity animated LED music lights
● High-fidelity stereo sound effects and music
● Original Gene Simmons/Demon head molded toy
● K-I-S-S spell-out Drop Targets
● Blood-Spitting Demon Bass Solo player experience
● Fire-Breathing Demon “God of Thunder” Multiball Event
● Flying Starchild “Love Gun” Multiball Event

**Pre-order ONLY**
**4-6 weeks delivery**

Price includes shipping directly to your door.
Only available in US ONLY

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