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Richie Kotzen talkin’ about Poison, Winery Dogs and Guitar Picks



Richie Kotzen lets loose on Another FN Podcast

Another FN Podcast — Richie Kotzen calls in to talk the new Winery Dogs record “Hot Streak”, their writing process, Phili Cheese Steaks, playing with or without a pick, what he learned while in Poison and the truth about what happened, Prince, soul music, and much more. The interview starts at 42:51 of the show.

Other subjects Kotzen touches on….

* East Coast Italian sandwiches and the difference is the bread and water.
* Going on the Cruises, and he loves the Ocean.
* On using guitars picks or his fingers on different songs in studio and live.
* Going from Shrapnel Records to making a 2.5M record with Poison
* Reconciling with the band guys (Poison) years later.

The Great Bobboo joins to talk fantasy football from NFL week 1 and predictions for week 2.

RK_TwD_Sept_20_2015_3                      Poison with Richie Kotzen on lead guitars 1992




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