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RAT DRAGON CARTEL … Doc Ellis leaves Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt



Doc Ellis leaves Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt


Facebook — According to a brand new post on his official Facebook, Michael “Doc” Ellis is leaving Bobby Blotzer’s version of Ratt.

Ellis is one of the original Bobby Blotzer’s Ratt Experience members.

Ellis left Sin City Sinners back in February to be part of Blotzer’s newly (at the time) launched version of Ratt full-time.

“I gave my notice aug 1…Said I would fill out the month, then hang up my Gun. And just ride….” writes Ellis

He adds, “You’ll hear no Slander or Bitching from me.”


Ellis continues; “All I’ll say is. I thank Todd Kerns for filling in on my last shows. My last being the 18 of Aug.”

The Las Vegas based guitarist thanked many members, post and present, including recently departed players Robbie Crane (bass) and lead guitarist Nicolas “Blaze” Baum.

Ellis also writes; “Bob. Thanks for the opportunity to the play the songs for the people that wanted to hear it…Something I will never forget, I wish you all the best.” 

As of Ellis’ departure, singer Joshua Alan will be the lone member still aboard with original drummer Bobby Blotzer.

Along with Scott Griffin (Ex-L.A. Guns), Ellis is the 4th member to depart from the group since spring.

A source close to the band is claiming Todd Kerns (bass) will only be involved for a short time as well.

The revolving door of players is reminiscent of Jake E. Lee’s project. Back in 2014-2015 Red Dragon Cartel had issues with singers that seemed never-ending.

We have screen captured Ellis’ post below.






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