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SEBASTIAN BACH to release unfiltered memoir in January. Could this be the cover?


California — Sebastian Bach says recent media reports are not in any way the “Official” description of his book. The book “18 and Life on Skid Row” is due in January 2016. The recent press (media) seems to be from the official Harper Collins website and more directly, from the exact pre-order link for Bach’s book.

Contrary to the media regarding his memoir, Bach states he’s ‘never read’ what is being circulated. The singer goes on to say that it’s ‘really not descriptive of the words in the book that I have written.’

Bach is the classic voice of SKID ROW, but not officially the bands original voice.

That title would go to Matt Fallon.

Recently SKID ROW shocked music fans when they quickly and unexpectedly let go of their longest standing voice Johnny Solinger.

Instantly fans got excited and felt the door for Bach’s return was wide open. Sadly for those fans, that door was slammed shut just hours later when the group quickly announced their long time friend Tony Harnell (Ex TNT) as his replacement.

Fans of SKID ROW around the globe have been screaming for a reunion with the band’s most successful line up for years.

Thanks to our always entertaining Gossip Board one online member named Bill Bailey (no joke)  has posted a cover of what Bach’s book could look like from his perspective. One could only guess that Bach being the admitted Kiss fanatic, it’s not too far fetched.

Below we have also screen captured Harper Collins book description (About the Book) and Bach’s recent post from his official Facebook page.




For more info on Bach’s book, check out the official Harper Collins website.

Below is a look back at Bach during the early 90’s when Skid Row was ruling airwaves and arenas around the world.

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