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SERIOUSLY? … Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin releases statement on Facebook: “It is Essential to Ensure that the Future of my Music Career is Built on a Foundation of Trust…”

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin laying on the stage in Italy 2016. Courtesy Youtube.

The video alleges that he passed out during the performance, which can all be seen below.

“I would like to clarify that the shows in question were set up without my consent by my former management team. I told my team at the time more than once that no shows should be booked without my authorization. I never agreed to these shows.”
Wes Scantlin / Puddle of Mudd

Metal Sludge — This might be the funniest thing to ever hit the internet.

After a recent Facebook post by The Machine Shop who called out Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin for bailing last minute on a pair of nearly Sold Out back-to-back shows at their Flint Michigan based venue, the band have now released a statement defending the cancellations.

Metal Sludge covered this latest POM drama in our article; 100% WES … Puddle of Mudd cancel tour and a popular music venue says: “The Machine Shop, his band, agents and everyone involved are very disappointed.”

Puddle of Mudd singer Wes Scantlin is now alleged to have released the following statement on the band’s official Facebook which reads in-part: “It is essential to ensure that the future of my music career is built on a foundation of trust…”

This might be the biggest pile of shit ever written to a fan-base in the history of entertainment.


Wes Scantlin talking about trust is extremely rich.

Can your fans trust you will be sober to do the tour, show up for their gig, and make it through the full show Wes?

Let me state right here, for all the Puddle of Mudd team… meaning management, the band and everyone related…

Who are you guys kidding releasing this?

For starters, Wes couldn’t articulate 10% of those words, nor write them, much-less speak them coherently and convincingly.

The guy has consistently shown for years, more-like a decade or more, that once drunk or high (which has been often) that he could care less about any of the band’s fans.

And this is not my opinion either, it’s factual… and there is proof all over the internet to back it up.

Don’t believe me… go search Youtube.

First things first, like I stated in my original story earlier in the week where I wrote: “Too many people in that camp, be it his friends, family, band members (yeah, you guys too) or some others… several of you have all continued to enable this man’s behavior for years by continuing to make up excuses for him.”

I still stand by all of that and will continue to do so.

My guess is the countless fans who have openly expressed their opinions will stand by their words the same.

Sadly, this has an eerie similarity to the many years Jani Lane of Warrant battled his demons.

There were countless stories, cancelled shows and more… often it was chalked up to “a scheduling conflict” or “personal reasons” or that someone “missed a flight” and how there were “circumstances beyond their control”… all were the usual and expected excuses.

We all know what happened to Jani Lane along with Scott Weiland, and more recently Steve Harwell of Smash Mouth.

This is not to speak ill of them or their situations… but rather, talk about and live in reality here folks.

Wes Scantlin is still alive, but he won’t be if he, and his enablers continue to play this charade.

This latest statement that the Puddle of Mudd camp is claiming is Wes‘ words, also includes this: “I would like to clarify that the shows in question were set up without my consent by my former management team. I told my team at the time more than once that no shows should be booked without my authorization. I never agreed to these shows.”


More nonsense from the PR Team trying to spin the story.

How could your team be dumb enough to release this?

Do you all realize that these shows were booked 6-7 months ago, fully promoted with tickets on sale… since last winter… with fans buying tickets to these events as far back as February and March of 2023.

So, are we to believe that literally hundreds of fans already bought tickets to these shows, perhaps thousands of fans when combining the shows on sale, but all the while, the band’s lead singer, and leader was not aware of these dates until recently?

It’s now mid-September, and the shows were cancelled last week, literally days out from the first play.

So after 6-7 months, you are telling everyone Wes himself was unaware, that there were Puddle of Mudd tour dates booked all across the U.S. until just last week?

All of them being promoted on social media, websites with tickets on sale and fans interacting with the various band and related groups close to your team for half a year, and now with days to the actual play-dates Wes is claiming he never agreed to these shows?

What kind of clowns are running things over there?

Why not come clean with the fans, and most of all with yourself… just tell the truth and be honest.

Stop the insanity.

Stop doing exactly what I said you’re doing in my other article and previous posts dating back a decade or more.

All of this is enabling him, and you’re all covering for him and making up more excuses that don’t make sense, and you’re all looking like you are all full of shit.

Simply put, because you are.

Why not do the right thing, and say… “Wes needs help… he’s going into another rehab now…” and be done with it.

Then update us all next year.

Why the stupid spin and the claim he’s taking time off, and surrounding himself with a better team.


Maybe a better human and a sober person fronting the band is what you should be looking to surround everyone with.

In the end, like I also stated in my previous post, I don’t even know Wes, but who cares what the guy from Metal Sludge says… right…

Fair enough.

But, is everyone else wrong?

Are all the clubs and their promoters all wrong?

Are all the fans, who have countless stories of being screwed over after buying tickets, for years on end… are they all wrong?

While we’re at it, let’s dig deeper… are the ex’s all in the wrong too… be it an ex-wife, ex-fiancee’ or a live-in girlfriend.

Is everyone here wrong.

What about the 10-12, or was it 20 arrests, we lost count… all of which is documented in public records.

Were the Police and courts all wrong too.

Shall I continue… there is more.

Don’t take my word for it, Google works great… or better yet.. ignore all of what I wrote… and how about we just let the fans speak for themselves.

Let’s just read all the dozens, or is it hundreds of comments from the fans and how they feel from what happened last week, last year and over the better part of the last 20 years when the Puddle of Mudd show they paid for turned into a colossal shit show!

I have added several comments, of the hundreds that litter the recent statement (shared below) from Wes Scantlin of Puddle of Mudd.

Feel free to share my article everywhere, and if anyone from the Puddle of Mudd camp would like to debate this topic, in person, on a podcast or other, feel free to reach out.

No hate here… not looking to embarrass anyone, anymore than they have already done for themselves…

Wes and this entire camp need a good dose of reality here.

Do yourself a favor… stop booking shows and put Wes in a facility now, or you’re going to be putting him in a coffin instead!

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