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SKID ROW bassist RACHEL BOLAN goes off on Facebook haters


Facebook — SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan unleashes on Facebook haters. In a posting on his official Facebook page earlier tonight Bolan asked haters to “stay off the fucking page.”

He then suggested they spend their time on “pornhub.”

It’s safe to assume Bolan could be referencing ‘haters’ who have been vocal in recent weeks since the band fired Johnny Solinger and brought in former TNT frontman Tony Harnell.

Die-hard SKID ROW fans have been clamoring for a reunion with the band’s classic voice Sebastian Bach for years. Regardless of what the fans want, the band seems to have stayed away from that much coveted reunion.

Many fans have been outspoken and invaded message boards with their endless rants about why the band should reunite. It seems now that some have even attacked Bolan on his personal pages as well and the band’s co-founder has finally blasted back.

Below is a screen capture of Bolan’s message he posted earlier tonight.





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