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STILL BITTER … Donnie Vie on Chip Z’Nuff: “That’s not Enuff Z’Nuff, the sh!t he’s putting out now.”



Donnie Vie on Chip Z’Nuff: “That’s not Enuff Z’Nuff, the sh!t he’s putting out now.”


Sleazeroxx — Former Enuff Z’Nuff frontman Donnie Vie continues to be interviewed by many different websites and podcasts in order to promote his new solo album Beautiful Things. This time, Vie was interviewed by Chuck Shute for the Chuck Shute Podcast.

In terms of his former bandmate Chip Z’NuffVie advised (as transcribed by the Chuck Shute Podcast with slight edits):

Chip and I, we love each other and I had to weigh that out. The animosity that I have because he’s done some very, uh, very sketchy things to me. And you know, like, and just like trademarking the Enuff Z’Nuff name and everything where I can’t use it for anything. What, like I would give a fuck. I would use it with, I ever wanted to. I use it. I don’t give a shit, but it was in regards to him starting to release new stuff as Enuff Z’Nuff, which wasn’t Enuff Z’nuff. That’s not Enuff Z’Nuff, the shit he putting out now. And it’s like I’m not knocking what he’s doing, I’m not knocking his songwriting abilities. It’s what I would expect from Chip Z’Nuff, you know, ’cause I would always take his ideas and I was, you know, formulat[ing] them and put[ting] them into a…

Well, first of all, I take the plagiarism out of there and just worked my way through it. And, and that was a good writing combination, but he got, you kinda got the feeling, overshadowed in that department. He started getting desperate. Desperation calls for desperate acts. Well, like I said, I weigh it out. I heard a couple of interviews I did and read one and then I was like, man, I sound like just a whiny bitch and nobody wants to hear that. So I decided to — do I love him more than I hate him? And I decided, yes I do. So that was the end of that. And you know, I mean as far as calling the shit Enuff Z’Nuff, you know, it would be great. His records would be great if it weren’t for the 13-14 predecessors.”

You can listen to the interview by Donnie Vie by the Chuck Shute Podcast via Buzz Prout‘s website.

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