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TUFF NEWS … Tuff introduce New Guitarist Dougie Manross and announce Ohio / Wisconsin shows

Dougie “Lixx” Manross – Photo courtesy Facebook

Billy (Morris) is double booked for part of the summer, and cannot be in 2 places at once… so, Dougie (Manross) is the new guy.” — Todd Chase

Metal Sludge — Please welcome the newest member of Tuff, on lead guitar Dougie “Lixx” Manross.

Tuff are excited to add some new blood to their touring line-up and Manross is the guy.

Tuff are lead by classic era members frontman Stevie Rachelle along with co-founder and bassist Todd Chase.

Chase tells Metal Sludge:Manross is actually substituting for Billy Morris.”

Billy is double booked for part of the summer, and cannot be in 2 places at once… so, Dougie is the guy,” added Chase.

Tuff bassist Todd Chase

Manross, 24, is a native of Ohio and has been playing live since before he was a teenager.

Ironically, Morris referred Manross and has been instrumental in bringing the younger axe-master up through the ranks on the Cleveland area circuit for a solid decade.

Manross started gigging live when he was still in middle-school, and his Dad would accompany him to the shows.

Many of his first gigs were jamming with Morris, and the former Warrant guitarist helped Manross get his feet wet throughout the years.

Manross currently plays guitar for Tim “Ripper” Owens (ex-Judas Priest) along with a few local and regional groups.

Tuff will be hitting Ohio in May for a weekend of shows, including the Jani Lane Tribute show on Saturday May 20th in Cleveland which is co-hosted by Morris and the “Cherry Pie Girl” Bobbie Brown.

Tuff will also appear in Rachelle‘s home-town of Oshkosh Wisconsin on June 22nd appearing at “Water-Fest” with the mighty Hairball along with shows in Milwaukee and Janesville.

See the dates, venues and related information all listed below.

Tuff tour dates…

Friday May 19th “The Local Bar” Strongsville, Ohio >Club Info<
Saturday May 20th “Temple Live” (Jani Lane Tribute Show) Cleveland, Ohio
>Tix Info<

Thursday June 22nd “Water-Fest” (with Hairball) Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Tix Info<
Friday June 23rd “Nashville North” (with The Cherrypops) Milwaukee, Wisconsin
>Show Info< >Tix<
Saturday June 24th “The Back Bar” Janesville, Wisconsin
>Tix Info<

Find Manross on Facebook, Instagram and watch him shred on Youtube.

Stay tuned to Metal Sludge for Breaking News, Updates and Features along with both new and classic interviews.

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Billy Morris and Dougie Manross ripping it up live together on the Cleveland circuit



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