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UNDER THE INFLUENCE? Jack Russell admits being in recent coma from drinking, opens up on Rhode Island fire

<> at 8 Second Saloon on April 20, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Jack Russell admits being in recent coma from drinking, opens up on Rhode Island fire


Music ManiaJack Russell (of Jack Russell’s Great White) joins hosts Clint Switzer and Paul Lagana as he discusses his band’s upcoming tour and possible album. He also speaks about the tragic Station Nightclub fire which claimed 100 lives back in 2003.


In this recent audio interview from Music Mania the classic Great White frontman talks openly about many subjects.

One of the more revealing topics is Russell explaining how he drank himself into a coma just 8 months ago.

Russell has seen some hard times over the years, but has also admitted to taking part in the party too much at times which has caused him to battle some serious health issues.

RENT_ME_BLOCK_Red_White_Sludge_2013Online comments are already speculating that Jack is ‘drunk’ or that he may be ‘under the influence’ of something during this very interview. But the singer claims he has been back on track since his latest medical scare.

As recent as 2015 Russell admits he was in a coma from drinking too much.

Russell talks openly about the binge he went on and how he drank according to his own words, 10 (Mai Tai) drinks in 20 minutes, only to have Don Dokken save him.

The singer also admits his wife (Heather) was furious, and that the next morning he couldn’t wake up.

Russell then says the Doctor told him after waking up from the coma; “If you drink again, your liver is going to shut down and you’re going to die.”

The Music Mania co-hosts are Clint Switzer and Paul Lagana. Switzer says that Russell has embraced sobriety and also calls him a ‘survivor’ and a ‘victim’ in regards to the 2003 Rhode Island fire.

As many know Great White and Russell are forever linked to the tragic  “Station Nightclub” fire that claimed 100 lives. Including then guitarist and band member, Ty Longley.

Russell is quick to deflect calling himself a victim or survivor but does talk openly about the events.

He goes onto say he’s had people call him ‘a murderer’ and how he ‘lost a lot of friends’ and that this stuff tears [his] heart out.

Russell who is 55, admits; “It’s hard, I deal with this everyday.”

He goes on to say; “I don’t get upset when people blame me because, if that’s the way, what they they do, if they need to do that to grieve, if it helps them, more power to you” then adds; “It hurts, but I mean if that helps them in anyway, that’s fine.”

Russell on the victims of the fire; “They’re always in my prayers. And, you know, I ah, I am really sorry that it all happened. I can’t say how sorry I am, you know.” 

To hear the entire interview press play below.




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