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Warrant cancels show on tornado victims in Illinois, fans and promoters outraged alleging the band took 2/3 of their non-refundable deposit ($10,000.00) and drove away.



Warrant cancels show on tornado victims in Illinois, fans outraged. Band issues a statement, “The incidents and subsequent unfortunate cancellation of our show in Pontiac was regrettable.”


Facebook — Rock fans from Washington Illinois are not happy with the rock band Warrant. We’ve got a bunch of emails about a cancelled performance by the multi platinum 80s rockers and some are alleging that the bands gear was set up, then taken down, deposits paid but contracts not completely fulfilled by a certain time that same day and ultimately the show with the down boys never happened.

We’re not sure of all the details (yet) but there is a group on facebook with fans sharing their thoughts.

Some comments from fans have been posted, but some deleted.

One fan named Michelle writes the following:    “Warrant had EVERY opportunity to talk to the band and FANS publicly at Freaksters. They set up their equipment at 5pm and then told the venue they were not playing at 9:50pm. They took the 10K and left the town. The bar paid 80% of their fee up front, paid for hotels and arranged a day of music. Warrant wanted the 100% of pay in full before they paid. The bar was going to pay the remaining 20% at the end of the night. But Warrant did not stand for that and took their 80% and left without speaking a word to their fans. Crazy thing is that some of the proceeds were supposed to go to tornado victims from Washington IL. Warrant was going to split their take and give to the victims. Well that did not happen either. They took their 10K and left town…”

The promoters also made a posting and Warrant issued a full statement as well which has been posted on their official facebook. All are noted below.






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