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YOUNGER GONE WILD … Stryper’s Michael Sweet says teen artist ‘smokes the original singer’ on version of “I Remember You”



Stryper’s Michael Sweet says teen artist ‘smokes the original singer’ on version of “I Remember You”


Facebook — It hasn’t been the best week for former Skid Row singer Sebastian Bach.

First the singer was filmed by fans having a temper tantrum over having his photo taken at a Detroit area show, then he went all haterade and dissed all other non-original members of his former band Skid Row.

metalbabe_block_150_1Bach went on a pre-song rant at a recent New York area show and referred to everyone else (that isn’t or wasn’t an original member of Skid Row) as “Fu??ing Hacks!”.

Then Bach boasted to the capacity crowd; “I’m Sebastian Fu??ing Bach, I’m the singer on the albums.”

As if they didn’t already know this.

Is it safe to assume that Bach thinks his fans are as dumb as he acts?

The videos of Bach name calling the musicians “Fu??ing Hacks” have been removed from youtube. And the notice on the now blank videos is that a copyright claim was filed by Get Off My Bach Productions Inc.

We’re gonna go out on a limb and say that this is Bach’s company.

Now a new jab towards the troubled singer.

ms_sb_fb_nov_26_2016_4Stryper frontman Michael Sweet recently shared a video on his Facebook page of a young female artist named Moriah Formica.

The 15 year old singer is taking ears and eyes by storm. And some modern day stars are praising this girl for her gifted voice.

Not only can this girl sing, but she can sing in key and does it all with more feeling than all of the 80’s singers combined.

Lizzy Hale of Halestorm says; “Absolutely incredible!! I’m so proud of this 15 year old powerhouse!!”

Michael Sweet says; “She’s a star in the making.”

Sweet seems to be a big fan and even added this when sharing a video of the teen singing “I Remember You” on his facebook.

Sweet writes; “This kid is the future of rock? So proud of her and honored to have her on my new album – Moriah Formica kills this and in my humble opinion, smokes the original singer?”

Bach is never one to take anything lightly when he’s not on the end of pure praise. So we can only assume that Sweet is in for some tweets or similar in the near future from Bach.

Formica has what can only be described as an insane voice. She also has a brand new release on iTunes.

Check out Moriah Formica in the videos and social network links we’ve added below.

Moriah Formica @ WebSiteFacebookTwitterInstagramiTunes – YouTube







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