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10 Questions with Tracii Guns, 12/2/98

  20, well really 10 Questions with Tracii Guns.


Tracii Guns of LA GUNS

1. Typical Generic Question: What is LA Guns currently up to, when is a new record coming out, are you touring, blah blah blah. This is your only chance to plug your shit, your websites, etc.

Tracii: L.A.Guns is home for X-mas We will do a new Album in Jan. and Feb..Hopefully we will have it ready for May 99 when we do the next version of the RNS tour unless we do something better. Our webshits are all listed with UBL.COM

3. Can you name all the singers L.A. Guns has had in alphabetical order?


Paul Black

Mike Jagosz

Phil Lewis

Jizzy Pearl

Axl Rose

Ralph Saenz

Chri VanDahl

8. If you had to have sex with Steve Riley, Gerri Miller, or Mick Mars, who would you pick?

Tracii: I know Steve the best, Hes Pretty HOT!!!!!! I think Mick Mars has real Hair

9. Two part question: How many wigs do you own and how have hair extensions helped your career?

Tracii: You would have to ask Jayne my Wigmaker. Extensions have made me a far more a freakier FREAK!!!!

11. What is the sickest thing you’ve ever done to a female or male groupie?

Tracii: I sat in the salad backstage at a recent show and watched people eat it. I think I have it on video.

15. Who gets laid the most in L.A. Guns?

Tracii: Jizzy Has quite an Appetite for Groupies and he is hung like a mule.

16. What do you think of Metal Edge magazine?

Tracii: Who Cares what I think???? I just play guitar and Gerri and Paul Talk about it and print pictures of it. They are both very cool to me.

17. How is it possible for you guys to still be traveling in a tour bus when you can barely afford an apartment in Hollywood?

Tracii: Thats a strange question. I guess because we can afford to?

19. Which member of L.A. Guns past or present has spent the most money on hookers?

Tracii: I can honestly say that no one I know of either past or present has

20. Who has the worst hair of all the Metal Edge bands, not counting the magazine editor?

Tracii: L.A.GUNS

Hey you guys,

this turned out really boring! Try to come up with some funnier questions, I want to have fun with it. I know its hard to come up with really funny shit on the fly but, take your time, theres no hurry. I really dont have any better suggestions right now but, try to make it better.

Of course it’s boring, you didn’t answer the good questions! And I’m sure you Sludgeaholics are asking yourself, "what 10 questions didn’t he answer?" Well, we’re glad you asked. Listed below at the 10 questions Tracii didn’t answer.

The 10 Questions Tracii puss’d out on and wouldn’t answer:

What washed up LA band singer is the singer for LA Guns this week?

Will you go down a chick on the rag?

Who’s older, Mick Jagger or Phil Lewis?

What drugs were you on when you decided to let Chris Van Dahl into LA Guns?

Who gets all the fat chicks in LA Guns? Definition: Fat Chicks are chicks that are 150 pounds and over, unless they are over 5’10" then 150 is acceptable.

What city do you hate playing the most, not counting anywhere in New Jersey?

If you went to an all you can eat buffet and had to pick up the check, which one of these guys would you not want to pay for since they would eat too much: Vince Neil, Jani Lane, or Vinnie Paul.

How many times a day do you laugh at Ralph Saenz for thinking he can have a solo career when he was only in L.A. Guns for about a year?

Do you secretly hope that Phil Lewis fails miserably in everything he does?

What current 80s band do you like to goof on the most? C?mon, be honest!

Now there could have been some great answers there! By answering those questions honestly, Tracii could have become a Metal Sludge legend! CNN and E! Entertainment would have done full 30 minute features on Tracii. Awards would have been named after him, they would’ve have gotten arena tours with Kiss and Aerosmith opening up FOR them, people would have started named their babies Jizzy and Tracii, and world hunger would have ended. But instead, he refused those 10 questions like Vince Neil refuses to sing in key.  Lame.

Here are two links to L.A. Guns sites:

Tracii’s Official Website



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