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SLUDGE HALLOWEEN FLASHBACK … 20 Questions with Alice Cooper – Dated: October 30th 2001


Metal Sludge — Here is a little treat for all your Halloween lovers.

It’s a look back to the year 2001 when we interviewed the legendary shock rocker Alice Cooper.

This 20 Questions was first published on October 30th 2001.

Below is the exact interview with Alice we ran back in 2001, enjoy


20 Questions With Alice Cooper, October 30th 2001


Being that it’s almost Halloween, we couldn’t think of anybody better to be our Halloween interview than Alice Cooper! He’s a living legend and for some reason he agreed to do our 20 Questions! And he also just released his new CD “Dragontown” and is on tour now. So sit back and enjoy our Halloween treat, 22 Questions with Alice Cooper!

1. What are you currently up to? This is your only chance to plug new CDs, websites, restaurants, hotels, etc.

Alice Cooper: I’m planning on a parody of Sludge.

2. How would you describe the difference between “Brutal Planet” and “Dragontown?”

AC: Each one has 12 different songs about the same topic.

3. Why golf?

AC: Why rock press?

4. What hard rock/heavy metal band should give it up and call it a day?

AC: Anthrax…only because of their name…no one is that unlucky.

5. Rate the following shock rockers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a band that’s not scary or creative at all, and 10 being the perfect shock rock band.

Marilyn Manson = 8
WASP = 0
Ozzy Osbourne = 0 for scary…8 for creativity
Insane Clown Posse = 7
Kiss = 0 for scary…10 for marketing
Motley Crue = 10…for scaring their doctors to death
Mudvayne = 8
Gwar = 9
Twisted Sister = 5
Rob Zombie = 10
Lizzy Borden = minus 6

Anthony Focx of Tommi Gunn is pictured Top Right.

6. Do you remember the name of your drummer in the “Poison” video?

AC: I have no idea…but he told me he was famous.

Note: That’s great! Of course the drummer was Anthony Focx, but we’re not surprised that Alice doesn’t remember him at all.

7. Of all the bands that have played with you, what bands thought they were the biggest “rock stars” and were pains in the ass to deal with?

AC: Judas Priest…except for Rob Halford.

8. What are the latest “little things” that really bother you?

AC: People that recognize me in a hotel lobby and scream my name out as loud as they can for no reason.

Not enough butter on popcorn.

When room service forgets to bring salt and pepper.

That every pants designer thinks that everyone wants to wear baggy pants.

9. Do you find it weird singing “I’m Eighteen” when you’re 53?

AC: No. I’m 53 but Alice is ageless. Alice can be 18, 5 or a hundred.

10. What do you remember about writing or recording the following songs:

Poison = Took a long time to record as Desmond is somewhat of a perfectionist. The background vocals alone took a couple of days.
Elected = John Lennon kept coming down to the studio when we were working on this and kept listening to the test pressing of it. At the time, he said it was his favorite song.
Feed My Frankenstein = Zodiac Mindwarp was the main writer on this. I wish he would do more. more.
Welcome To My Nightmare = I didn’t know I had so much soul until I did that one.
Under My Wheels = Pure Detroit garage rock. And does anyone else think that Suffragette City sounds a lot like this??? (note: Under My Wheels came out first)
Is It My Body = A very deliberately slinky and Stonesy sounding song. Very sexy…much like myself.
Ballad Of Dwight Fry = A tribute to a great unsung actor of horror movies of the same name. He was in the original “Dracula” and “Frankenstein” movies. Ezrin had me record it while I was lying on the floor under a bunch of folding chairs and a table.
Raped And Freezin’ = It was a true story. Sorry, I still can’t talk about it.
Fantasy Man = ’70’s rock sounding. Full of wonderful snotty little cliche’s
Blow Me A Kiss = Written after Columbine happened. The first song I had written with Bob Ezrin in several years.
Hey Stoopid = Alice Cooper’s version of “We Are The World”.
No More Love At Your Convenience = This was the drunkest I ever was in my life. I hope I was joking when I recorded it.

11. A few years back there was a lawsuit between you and Kiss. Something about their song “Dreamin’” from Psycho Circus being a rip off of one of your songs. What was that all about and what was the final result?

AC: I think we all forgot to show up at court. Paul Stanley bought me a cheeseburger to make up for the whole thing. By the way, anyone else notice that I was doing the “Rock N Roll Carnival Tour” before they did the “Psycho Circus” tour?

12. What’s the best story you’ve heard about yourself that you don’t remember doing?

AC: Everything between 78-82. There was one night around 1975 that all I can remember was that I was hanging out with Steven Tyler and we were driving around L.A. with a gun in the car. As far as I know, we could have held up a 7-11.

13. Which do you prefer:

Dead Babies or Billion Dollar Babies = Gummy Babies.
Poison or Warrant = Poison…because they sling their guitars around their heads better.
Bob Marlette or Bob Ezrin = Bob Dylan.
Tiger Woods or Jack Nicklaus = Tiger Woods.
Phoenix Suns or Phoenix Coyotes = Detroit Lions
Megadeth Meatloaf or Mom’s Tuna Casserole = The casserole because I have to spend Sunday night dinner with my mom.
Marriott Courtyard or Marriott Fairfeild = Don’t know what the difference is.
House Of Blues or Hard Rock Cafe = House of Blues for being rustic looking.
Stryper or Creed = Stryper…better stage clothes.
Vincent Price or Bela Lugosi = Vincent Price.

14. What rock star deserves a smack in the mouth and why?

AC: Me. And I’m the only one around that would have the nerve to do it.

15. Rate the following singers on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being somebody who sucks and 10 being a vocal god.

Marilyn Manson = Oh, stop already with the Marilyn Manson.
Rob Halford = 8
Paul Stanley = 8
Robert Plant = 8.2
Vince Neil = 8?
Ryan Roxie = 8
Lemmy = 8…because of his sensitive ballads
David Lee Roth = 8
Steven Tyler = 10
Dave Mustaine = 8

Ryan Roxie in 1989 during the Electric Angels era.
Alice Cooper rates him an 8 as a singer!

16. You don’t talk to the crowd much during your shows. You pretty much go right into each song. Why is that?

AC: I talk to people all the time. Alice doesn’t talk to anyone.

17. Do you feel responsible for Winger, considering you’re the one who gave Kip his first big break?

AC: Yes, and I have the Winger t-shirt to prove it.

18. What do you remember about the following cities:

Phoenix = Home
Cleveland = Love the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame. Anyone else notice that there is a certain lack of me there?
Munich, Germany = They still try and ban me there everytime we tour there.
Detroit = Home of Rock N Roll.
Dallas = My band tells me they have great strip clubs there.
Melbourne, Australia = Good shopping malls.
Chicago = We recorded the “Killer” album there.
San Francisco = Too hip for me
Tampa = Lightening capitol of the world
Tokyo, Japan = Godzilla means a lot to me
Philadelphia = American Bandstand
London, England = Second home

19. Are we supposed to believe that Alice really stays at Marriotts? Isn’t Alice more a Motel 6 guy?

AC: Last time I stayed at a Motel 6 was 1969. I’m in a Marriot right now.

20. Yes or no, has Alice Cooper ever:

Discussed the birds and the bees with Calico = No, but I will one of these years.
Sang along to a Britney Spears song = Who hasn’t?
Considered suicide = Never
Freebased cocaine = Urban legend
Fallen off the wagon within the last 10 years = Not even 20 years
Had plastic surgery = For what? To look uglier?
Saw Kane Roberts use steroids = Kane used steriods???
Felt anger or jealousy towards Ozzy or Kiss = Only the fact that Ozzy gets more airplay and I think I write better songs. And only the fact that you can’t walk into a Spencer’s Gift shop without tripping over all the Kiss stuff.
Thought about cutting your hair = Never occured me
Purchased a Marilyn Manson CD = Know your competition

21. Your new CD booklet comes with a merchandise catalog that is selling hand signed lyrics sheets for $114.95 and hand signed backstage pass collection for $179.95. What’s next, an Alice Cooper Casket?

AC: No, but how about an Alice Cooper Pocket Fisherman?

Alice Cooper with Eric Singer

22. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name and you give us your thoughts.

Nikki Sixx = Hardcore
Dave Mustaine = Heavy metal’s thinking man.
Ted Nugent = We have matching Walther PPK’s.
Gene Simmons = Charles Schwab
Marilyn Manson = Enough!
Fred Durst = Trend setter
Ryan Roxie = Glam chameleon
Ozzy Osbourne = Modern day medical miracle.
Eric Singer = Most drummers are a 5 Iron…Eric is a driver
Spitfire Records = No complaints
Michael Bruce = See Marilyn Manson answer above.
Dee Snider = Survivor
Howard Stern = How many guys are out there that can still offend even New Yorkers?


Now that is how 20 Questions are done! Putting up these 20 Questions was definitely a highlight of the past 3 years for us and we thank Alice for taking the time to answer our 5th grade questions!

For more info on Alice, such as tour dates and various things like that, you can visit his website at

Hungry? Sure you are. So if you are in Phoenix or Denver, stop by Alice’s restaurant Cooperstown. You can visit the website for more info at

Interview Copyright & Credit to Metal Sludge Oct. 30th 2001



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