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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions with Billy Sheehan, 8/10/99

  20  QUESTIONS WITH… Mr. Big’s Billy Sheehan This week’s interview is with Mr. Big’s bass player Billy Sheehan.  He emailed us a few months back saying he got a kick out of our site, so we hit his old ...

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20 Questions with Mick Sweda, 11/9/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… BulletBoys Guitarist Mick Sweda This week’s 20 Questions is with BulletBoys guitarist Mick Sweda.  Mick was also in King Kobra way back in the day, but you can read about that shit in our 20 Questions ...

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20 Questions with Perry Richardson, 6/8/99


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… WITH FIREHOUSE BASSIST PERRY RICHARDSON Welcome to another huge ass interview, this time with Firehouse bassist Perry Richardson!  We interviewed Firehouse guitarist Bill Leverty a few months back, and now it’s Perry’s turn to get asked ...

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20 Questions with John Corabi, 1/7/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… John Corabi Welcome to our latest 20 Questions. This time we’ve gotten former Motley Crue and current Union frontman John Corabi! In our long history of 20 Questions, this is one of the best ones so ...

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20 Questions With The Blue Meanie, 12/7/99

  20 QUESTIONS WITH… The W.W.F’s Blue Meanie This week’s 20 Questions is with World Wrestling Federation SuperstarThe Blue Meanie.  This is our second interview with a wrestler, or should we say Sports Entertainer?  The last one being with Chris ...

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20 Questions with Joey Allen, 7/6/99

20 QUESTIONS WITH... Ex-Warrant Guitarist Joey Cagle, aka Joey Allen Finally Metal Sludge got the opportunity to interview somebody from Warrant!!!  Ok, somebody who use to be in Warrant, close enough.  Hey, Joey’s sold more records that Rick what’s his ...

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