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Donna’s Domain

 Hi, I’m Donna Anderson, and this is my portion of the page. You’ll also find me occasionally doing a Sludge Wire, reporting other news, or at your local Motel 6 in room 210, but you don’t need to know about that. This is where I have my world famous Penis Chart, along with the Groupie Chart and Ho-Bag.If you have any gossip or something you’d like to say, then just email me at DonnaAnderson@metalsludge.tv

The Groupie Chart

Groupie Chart This is is self explanatory.  This is the Groupie Chart, which lists various groupies and the guys they’ve either fuck, blown, or had some intimate relationship. It’s fairly accurate.  There are some reports that Carmen Electra didn’t fuck ...

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Donna's Ho-Bag For June 4, 2004

  Hello everybody! I realize my Ho-Bag hasn’t been updated in over a year but believe it or not, it’s simply because I haven’t really had anything to post. Other than that Donkey Punch email I put up in January ...

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Donna's Ho-Bag For February 5, 2003

 Donna’s Ho-Bag For February 5, 2003 I apologize once again for the lack of Ho-Bags. The reason being is generally I get stupid emails and feel most of them aren’t worth answering. I don’t mean to insult those of you ...

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Donna's Ho-Bag For September 22, 2002

Donna’s Ho-Bag For September 22, 2002 Hello everybody! Even though my Ho-Bag is one of the most popular portions of Metal Sludge, it’s not updated that much and I take responsibility for that because I can’t figure out a way ...

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