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Brides Of Destruction On Leno, 3/12/04

  RANDOM THOUGHTS ON BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION ON THE TONIGHT SHOW! Brides Of Destruction performed on The Tonight Show last Monday, March 8th, but I’ve been too fucking lazy to put up my post about it. I wrote it that ...

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Feedback On

  MASSIVE FEEDBACK ON THE ROLLING STONE “100 GREATEST GUITARIST” BULLSHIT! Hot damn, did I get a lot of emails about “Why I Hate Lists!” It’s good to see you hate lists too. This is just some of the feedback ...

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Why I Hate Lists, 9/5/03

  WHY I HATE LISTS! I just had to bitch about this and since I have a website where I’m supposed to bitch, then I feel it’s my duty to do so. I hate lists. You know, those fucking things ...

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