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WE CALL BULL?HIT … Justin Murr; “NO ONE at RNS has contacted anyone about ‘options or pulling out'”


Justin Murr; “NO ONE at RNS has contacted anyone about ‘options or pulling out'”


Facebook — Metal Sludge reached out to Rock N’ Skull promoter Justin Murr yesterday evening about our story. Murr replied and we’re open to sharing his response.

We have screen captured it below, along with his statement as posted on their official Facebook page.

Metal Sludge will not retract our story.

We are sticking to it 100%, with our sources. Who shall not be named.

Per his email message (see below), if Mr. Murr wants me to share information about how I was paid from 2016, I have no problem with that.

I am an open book.

Let the record reflect, I was not fully compensated for my involvement in Rock N’ Skull 2016 until last month.

February 1st 2017 to be exact.


I have screen captures of all payments received, time stamped and dated. (see below)

With respect, these monies were due on or before the show which was October 29th 2016.

In truth, I hope that Rock N’ Skull has a succesful event in 2017. And also wish the best of luck to all involved.

I personally felt the event in 2016 was a great time as well, but there was disappointment when I left Illinois being owed $$$$.

Unfortunately I was not the only one in that position.

Yes, Justin Murr paid me, but only after I chased him hard for months.

It angered him greatly when I compared him to Freddy Stahmer of Farmrock.

I told him to his face, pay me or I will be forced to speak out like Eddie Trunk did when he was screwed over.

If Murr wants to play the screen capture game with me, let’s go.

I see Justin spent the day mocking me on the internet and having fun making all kinds of comments with those currently drinking his Kool-Aid.

All good. I can dish it all day long.  And I can take it too.

In the end, I have the truth on my side and I am brutally honest.

Murr uses pay pal for a lot of his band business.

Murr also likes to use the ‘money request’ feature on pay pal. As you will see below, I had done this many times at his request. Most of which were never paid, and eventually cancelled.

Let the record reflect, this is only a portion of our business, and the on-going clusterfuckery of bullshit I had to deal with.

Metal Sludge branded VIP tickets were sold outside of the designated Tickettailor for Rock N’ Skull 2016. In time this caught up with him, and got back to me. Not only did Murr accept payments for these tickets to his personal pay pal – he also did so using his daughter’s pay pal.

Do you know what a hassa is Justin? That’s a pig, that don’t fly straight. Neither do you Justin.

I am not flinching!

Stevie Rachelle







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