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Bobby Blotzer announces new (Ratt) line-up of players going forward


Bobby Blotzer announces new (Ratt) line-up of players going forward


Facebook — Bobby Blotzer has announced a new line-up of players for his version of the band Ratt.

Blotzer took to facebook today stating; “Just a quick note. Regarding our Ratt tour. We have some leaving, and new great musicians coming on board.”

The sole original member of his version of the band (Ratt) has been out playing shows all year long.

Blotzer adds; “Starting Sept 3rd & 4th Onward will be the great Mitch Perry on lead guitar, Stacey Blades Rhythm And leads, and Brad Lang on bass, along with the awesome Joshua Alan still fronting of course, and yours truly Chopping wood behind the kit.”

The current band evolved last fall from Blotzer’s group which he first called The Bobby Blotzer Ratt Experience.

Blotzer did several shows over the summer of 2015 and even started social networks using the ‘The Ratt Experience’ as his brand.

Then last September 12th the band played the world famous “Whisky-A-Go-Go” in Hollywood. But on this night, when they took to the stage they had Ratt banners in tow instead of ‘The Ratt Experience’ backdrop.

Following that show, a press release was issued and Blotzer announced, this is the official Ratt.

This didn’t sit well with Warren DeMartini, a 50% owner of WBS, Inc. the company that owns and controls Ratt. Subsequent legal battles have been on-going and according to sources, the matter is far from settled.

Blotzer’s latest announcement comes on the heels of a slew of departures from the camp.

Bassist Robbie Crane made a public post stating he was leaving the band on August 10th, just a week after guitarist Nicolas “Blaze” Baum parted ways with the band.

Metal Sludge was first to report a rumor that the band was ‘imploding’ after inside sources revealsed several members were set to leave the (Ratt) band.

Blotzer even admitted having issues with certain members of his band stating; “I’m flustered” in a radio interview with ClassX Radio back on August 1st.

Blotzer added; “Well you know what? They better grow up real quick here, because there are a lot of sailors out there, that would give their leg to go out on this ship.”

Ironically, earlier today (August 14th) Michael “Doc” Ellis (guitars) also posted a statement noting he had given notice to leave the group on August 1st and his last show will be this Thursday August 18th.

Joshua Alan (vocals) is the only remaining member of The Bobby Blotzer Ratt Experience other than the drummer himself.

In the meantime, Blotzer and his Ratt are out on the road and playing nearly every weekend.

Blotzer’s facebook post is screen captured below.





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