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20 Questions

Metal Sludge’s famous 20 Questions!

20 Questions with Zinny J Zan, 1/4/05


  20 QUESTIONS WITH… Zan Clan/ex-Shotgun Messiah singer ZINNY J. ZAN! Every year, we like to kick off the new year by doing 20 Questions with a “big-name” rock star… well, “big” in the world of Metal Sludge at least. ...

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20 Questions with Ted Aguilar, 5/3/05

Death Angel

  20 QUESTIONS WITHDEATH ANGEL guitarist TED AGUILAR! Remember when we hinted in last week’s 20 Questions that we’d have a big star coming up this week? Well here he is! It’s none other than…. Death Angel guitarist Ted Aguilar! ...

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20 Questions with Chuck Wright, 3/1/05


  20 QUESTIONS WITH QUIET RIOT/HOUSE OF LORDS/ex-GIUFFRIA bassist CHUCK WRIGHT! After doing 20 Questions with ex-Beautiful Creatures and current Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi last week, we got bombarded with e-mail asking us, “Why in the fuck did you ...

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20 Questions with Sean Kelly, 2/1/05


  20 QUESTIONS WITH…Crash Kelly singer/guitarist SEAN KELLY! This is the first time someone’s actually graduated from doing 10 Questions with us to doing a full-fledged 20 Questions! We first talked to Crash Kelly’s frontman Sean Kelly back when they ...

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