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Former Baywatch Star And Ex. Wife of Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx Donna D’Errico Files Bankruptcy Says; “I’ve Got $20 To My Name!”


Former Baywatch Star & Ex. Wife of Nikki Sixx Donna D’Errico Files For Bk Says; “I’ve Got $20 To My Name!”

Baywatch beauty Donna D’Errico has filed for chapter seven bankruptcy, has learned — and she’s revealed in court documents that she only had $20 cash to her name and was drowning in debt!

In paperwork filed in the Central District of California, the 45-year-old ex-wife of Motley Crue wild man Nikki Sixx said she had assets totaling $413,574.74 and liabilities totaling $947,332.22.

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D’Errico, who was the September 1995 Playboy playmate, listed her average income per month at $7,858.33, but had hit hard times because monthly expenses came to $10,991.04.

D’Errico only had $20 cash, zero in her checking account and was overdrawn on another Chase account.

The most interesting asset was listed as her support from Sixx – which comes to $7,800 a month PLUS 05.0% of all earnings for the over $2.1 million that the 55-year-old rock and roll legend makes a year.

She listed that to be worth around $400 thousand.

In the paperwork, D’Errico blamed her “acrimonious divorce and resulting custody battle” with Sixx – due to her having to hire lawyers. She listed almost $600 thousand in legal debt and a credit card debt at over $ 20 thousand.

That debt has subsequently been discharged.

Fun fact: The documents also revealed that D’Errico has a patent for a Untitled Baywatch film about a heist that she wrote that she claims she hasn’t yet marketed.

But she hopes it will be sold for a lot of money one day. Ah, Hollywood dreams!

The above is from Radar Online

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