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FREE MEN … Mick and Marq hatchet burried: “Freedom is simple as letting go of things you don’t want or need”



Mick and Marq hatchet burried: “Freedom is as simple as letting go of things you don’t want or need”



HOLLYWOOD, California — Axl & Slash did it, Phil & Tracii did it too. So why not, Marq & Mick?

Everyone knows the BulletBoys have history and truth is, the reason the name and music still exists 3 decades later, is because it was quality.

No, they were not a 1-hit wonder, at least not to the many who have continued to follow the band, or the group’s off-shoot projects.

BulletBoys didn’t write a power ballad and never seemed to subscribe to the (full) glam look that encompassed the 80’s decade.

But they did write some badass records.

No, not a song, or two.


They wrote and recorded, full length records… from opening riff to the last track that absolutely ripped.

BulletBoys have releases that you can put on, and just hit play.

No duds, no lame slow-jams, just straight ahead, to the point kick-ass hard rock music.

BulletBoys to many have always been Marq, Mick, Lonnie and Jimmy.

Enough of our babble…

We’ll just leave you with the photo below… and if it did happen, we’re sure it would be greatly welcomed by many.





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