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OPRAH HELPED FIRE LAG GUITARIST …. Phil Lewis on former guitarist: “I found Michael (Grant) to be a narcissist sociopath”


Phil Lewis on former guitarist: “I found Michael (Grant) to be a narcissist sociopath”




Facebook — Who says Rock N’ Roll is dead?

It’s so relevant that even Oprah Winfrey is helping to shape the future landscape of Rock N’ Roll as we know it.

Well, she may not know she’s influencing L.A. Guns, but it appears the 3rd richest women on the planet is doing just that.

LA_Guns_Phil_Lewis_quote_Michael_Grant_April_15_2019_1On a recent social media post L.A. Guns vocalist Phil Lewis replied to a fan’s question about why he fired Michael Grant.

Lewis replied with: “You know I watched an Oprah interview and she said at this stage in her life she only wanted to talk and be around the people she chooses.”

“I found Michael (Grant) to be a narcissist sociopath and after countless warnings to modify his behavior I just woke up and realized we need the kind of energy and teamwork that somebody like Ace v Johnson brings to the band.”

Metal Sludge broke the story that Grant was fired from L.A. Guns back on March 6th 2018.

Since the dismissal of Grant, the band have had a few guitar players step in (and out) Johnny Monaco, Adam Hamilton until settling on Ace Von Johnson.

As most know there has been new drama surrounding L.A. Guns since the launch of another version of the band by former drummer Steve Riley.

L.A. Guns featuring Lewis (lead vocals), Tracii Guns (lead guitar), Johnny Martin (bass), Ace Von Johnson (guitars) and newest member Scot Coogan who recently replaced Shane Fitzgibbon are currently on tour.

The Lewis/Guns version of the band are supporting their most recent release L.A. Guns “The Devil You Know” (Frontiers Sr1).

And then there is the Riley/Nickels version of L.A. Guns, which features 2 other classic era members in Steve Riley (drums) and Kelly Nickels (bass), along with former member Scott Griffin (lead guitar) and Kurt Frohlich (vocals and guitars).

The newest lineup featuring Riley and Nickels are set to appear at M3 Music Festival on May 4th 2019.

Stay tuned to Oprah‘s social media accounts, along with L.A. Guns to see what’s going to happen next.






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