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Rapidfire guitarist implores fans of Axl Rose to support his efforts to help release 1983 recordings after death of friend & attorney; “The release of the “Ready To Rumble” CD in 2014 will be stopped over MY dead body”



Rapidfire guitarist implores fans of Axl Rose to support his efforts to help release 1983 recordings; “The release of the “Ready To Rumble” CD in 2014 will be stopped over MY dead body”


Facebook – The release of the “Ready To Rumble” CD in 2014 will be stopped over MY dead body and since Josh is gone via suicide, PARTIALLY FROM DEALING WITH TEN YEARS OF THIS HARASSMENT AND CRAP FROM AXL’S CAMP……. IT’S ON……AND FAN SUPPORT VIA LETTERS WOULD BE MOST HELPFUL AND APPRECIATED. Mail a letter TO AXL’S ATTORNEYS AND SEND ME A COPY AT KEVIN@RAPIDFIRE.COM in order to express your demand and desire, as fans of Axl who want to hear his earliest ever recordings, from his first time in a recording studio, when he was still an untattooed “Bill Bailey” fresh off the bus. PLEASE TAKE 5 MINUTES and write these letters from every country around the world that you “DEMAND AN END TO THE HARASSMENT AND THAT YOU WANT TO HEAR THE EARLIEST RECORDED PART OF THE HISTORY OF AXL’S CAREER. THESE RECORDINGS, PHOTOS, AND FLYERS WHICH ARE A PART OF HISTORY THAT DESERVE TO BE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC. Please tell Douglass S. Mark Esq, AND AXL, that you WANT YOUR RAPIDFIRE CD, AND TO STOP HARASSING THOSE WHO, WITHIN THE FULL CONTEXT AND EXTENT OF THE LAW, SPECIFICALLY COPYRIGHT LAW, PLAN TO RELEASE THE RAPIDFIRE CD WITH BILL BAILEY ON VOCALS.


His address is:

Axl Rose c/o
Douglas S. Mark Esq.
Mark Music & Media Law, P.C.
120 El Camino Dr., Suite 104
Beverly Hills, CA 90212

So hopefully Axl and his million dollar bully lawyers do not ILLEGALLY disrupt the ability for us to conduct business and interfere with the 100% LEGAL release of this CD. BTW Everyone including Axl gets paid per CD. I’m sure Axl doesn’t care, but this is a 100% legit project that in my personal opinion we have tried too hard and waited too long for a way to “appease and please” Axl. Josh worked slower than I do personally, and in his attempt to “appease” Axl and a female friend of Josh, Axl and Slash’s, that it has taken over 10 years to get to where we are. The material is 100% legally mine to release, sounds great, and I own all the government form copyrights, master tapes and actually have the receipt with my name as the one who paid for the recordings. Axl can frivolously sue me into oblivion, or not, I don’t care. I have nothing to lose. Im releasing it. So fire up, please send your letters to Axl c/o Douglas S. Mark, Esq., and lets get this going once and for all. Rapidfire needs fan support to show the desire for this to be released. BTW, do you know we got over 80,000 hits on the UNANNOUNCED sample of Ready To Rumble, until Axl’s lawyer bullies filed an ILLEGAL copyright infringement with You Tube? As Josh put it in his letter to Douglas S. Mark, Esq., Axl’s attorney that filing ILLEGAL copyright infringement was, to quote Josh’s letter “Arguably, it was even a violation of 17 USC § 506 (c).” All we had to do is show You Tube the copyrights of which I have for every song, and it went right back up. It seems that these lawyers will pull any stunt legal or illegal to stop me. IT WON’T WORK. THE ALBUM IS COMING OUT.

I look forward to your fan support. Josh and I have worked 10 long years trying to please everyone except the three other members of Rapidfire and Josh himself. YOUR LETTERS WILL BE GREATLY APPRECIATED, (ALBEIT NOT NECESSARY) TO THE RELEASE. Thank you for reading…. if ya did…

Kevin Lawrence

Josh & Kevin

February 18th 2014 — So today I bring bad news. The Rapidfire Attorney and my Brother and Best Friend, was found dead in his home from a suicide. This only increases my resolve to get you fans the recordings out ASAP in his honour. I will work harder than ever to deal with Mr. Rose and his never ending legal harassment. I know my rights. I own, wrote, paid for, played on and produced this CD. Mr. Rose and his attorneys know that they have NO BASIS WHATSOEVER to stop the release for you fans but he can harass and harass me. At this point I have nothing to lose and have already have a fantastic artist for the CD 6 panel cover as well as getting ready for a final mix and mastering. This MAJOR setback just fires me up to release these songs in Joshua’s honour. I have every legal t crossed and i dotted. I will keep you all posted as well as share the letters between his camp and me. Get Ready To Rumble in 2014. Thank you Josh for putting up my shit, and over 10 years of harassment and threats from Axl’s camp even though they are well aware that they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. The most dangerous part…. I KNOW they don’t have a legal leg to stand on. Everything Rapidfire is owned by me, all the songs, performances and masters. Mr. Rose and his attorneys can try to mess with me all they want. I do NOT scare easily and I have nothing to lose. Lets ROCK…. for Josh…… I love you my Brother….. Kev.

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