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ROXY BUSTED … Roxy Blue frontman Todd Poole has a recent Felony Arrest for Possession of a Controlled Substance in Mississippi

Roxy Blue singer Todd Poole seen above in a Mug Shot from August 11th 2023 in Mississippi

Metal Sludge — According to the MugShotsZone website Joseph Todd Poole was arrested for a felony possession of a controlled substance last month.

The record states that Poole was arrested by the Olive Branch Police Department back on August 11th 2023 in Desoto County Mississippi.

Poole, 59, is the lead singer of the Memphis based rock band Roxy Blue.

Poole was arrested and booked on Friday the 11th in the late evening hours, but bonded out the following day before Noon to the tune of $5,000.00.

According to the court record, there was a follow-up court date on August 29th.

Poole also owns Todd’s Tile & Marble Designs in the Memphis Tennessee area where he lives.

Roxy Blue back in the day… Todd Poole is pictured 2nd from right

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