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SCARED OF A RAT? Dave Grohl on letting Bobby Blotzer jam with Foo Fighters on Queen song, “I gotta be honest with ya, I was scared”



Dave Grohl comments on letting Bobby Blotzer jam live with Foo Fighters on Queen song

Love Ride — It seems that the one of the world’s most famous, and currently most beloved rock stars admits he was scared to jam with a hairband drummer.

Foo Fighters appeared at the recent “Love Ride” and Dave Grohl brought out Ratt drummer Bobby Blotzer for a jam near the end of the band’s set.

Foo drummer Taylor Hawkins was singing lead on Queen’s “Tie Your Mother Down” while Da’ Blotz grabbed the throne and clearly owned the song live. Grohl a drummer as well admits after the song, “You killed it” with what we can only assume with no rehearsal and nothing was pre-planned.

Grohl who is 46 tells the 57 year old Ratt drummer through the PA system, “I was scared. I gotta be honest Blotzer, I was scared.”

Grohl then tells the crowd, “Give it up for the Blotz, one more time for the Blotz.”

Blotzer is currently the sole original member of the classic Ratt lineup who is out performing with his version of Ratt.

Blotzer’s equal share partner Warren DeMartini has filed a lawsuit to stop Blotzer from performing as Ratt with what his lawyers and lawsuit allege are, “a group of imposters calling themselves RATT.”






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