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SEMI RETIRED … Bobby Blotzer: “I’m not worried that I’d have to go join something cooky like L.A. Guns”



Bobby Blotzer on Ratt afterlife: “I’m not worried that I’d have to go join something cooky like L.A. Guns and travel in a van around the country”

YouTube — In a brand new interview Bobby Blotzer gives his latest 2 cents on his former band Ratt and a few others.

Blotzer talks for just over 30 minutes with his lawyer (Drew Sherman), about the band Ratt.

At some point early in the interview Blotzer says: “I am semi-retired, you know. I have a great life. The good thing is Ratt makes lots, and lots of royalty money. And ahh, I’m not worried that I’d have to join something cooky like L.A. Guns and travel in a van around the country.”

Then the interviewer asks the million dollar question: “Why can’t you guys just like Motley Crue, from what I’ve heard you know. They traveled on (4 different buses), why can’t you just get it together, get on a stage. You don’t have to like each other, alot of bands don’t like each other.  And just play for the fans.”

Blotzer tells in short, that’s a long answer (laughing) then says: “Ratt should be doing that because we had 5 arena headlining tours. Everbody generally knows the history of Ratt. And we have the catalog. You know, so we should be up on the A shelf. Stephen Pearcy has been impossible to deal with. And not just him, but all of us were Chiefs, and no Indians.”

Interviewer asks how much money the band has “left on the table by not being a fearsome foursome” and touring over the last ten years.

Blotzer replies: “Tens of millions for sure.”

Blotzer then adds:Motley (Crue) has Nikki (Sixx). Who leads that band. You know, and, we don’t have a leader, you know. Warren (DeMartini) wants to think he’s the leader, he definitely can’t lead a band. He’s not. Stephem (Pearcy) obviously, is not a leader, Juan (Croucier), we all think we’re leaders.” 

The longtime, and former drummer of Ratt has been for the most part silent for over a year until recent. In the last week Blotzer has blogged multiple times on social media.

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