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SHOCK ME Sebastian Bach and bride hire KISS cover band for bash but forget marriage license?



Sebastian Bach and bride hire KISS cover band for bash but forget their marriage license?

Happy Day — Metal Sludge would like to officially congratulate Sebastian Bach and his lovely bride Suzzane Le on their official marriage.

The couple wed over the weekend and had a rocking post ceremony bash that included the KISS cover band DESTROYER.

Metal Sludge (along with Blabbermouth and countless other music sites) reported back on July 12th that anyone could attend the former SKID ROW singer’s wedding for a $ 175.00 ticket and couples could grab a discounted pair of entries for $ 300.00.

Bach released a statement to “Planet Earth” on July 14th refuting the tickets were for their official wedding. But it seemed the high-end ticket price was in-fact correctly listed and that ticket was for the reception at the “Rockbar Theatre” in San Jose, California.

One interesting tid-bit from a source claiming to be close to the couple alleges that Bach and Le forgot their marriage license in their hotel room the day of the actual wedding. And has reported via a posting, that the man officiating the ceremony had to go to their hotel room the following day and officially marry the couple with the document on hand.

We grabbed the aboved photo courtesy of Facebook and also are getting incoming with videos of Baz singing his favorite KISS tunes with DESTROYER.

We posted these videos below. Happy KISSing.





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