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Stevie Rachelle

Here’s the latest 20 Questions, and this time our interviewee answers all 20! It’s Stevie Rachelle, former lead singer of Tuff. You remember them, don’t you? They were around from like the mid 80s to the mid 90s. Stevie recently released a solo CD called “Who The Hell Am I”, so we at Metal Sludge wanted to find out who is Stevie Rachelle.

1. Who the hell are you and do you think anybody who reads this interview really has any clue as to who you are?
Stevie: I use to sing for Tuff and we had a #3 video on MTV in September 1991! However that same month a band from Seattle released “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and we got burried as we started to take off, like the rest of the 80’s bands. Oh yeah we also got labeled the Poison clones, however I can sing circles around Bret and don’t wear a head band during sex! By the way, I’m playing December 19th at the Blue Saloon in North Hollywood, CA. So if your in the area, stop by and say Merry Christmas.

2. Did you enjoy making the movie “A Letter From Death Row?” and when is Poison going to tour again?
Stevie: Maybe you should ask the little guy Speilberg wannabe himself.

3. Are you jealous of every other Sunset Strip band that got a record deal before Tuff and went on to sell millions of records?
Stevie: Not jealous at all but very envious. I would have loved to have toured with Poison, Warrant or any of those other bands but it took us nearly 4 years to get a record deal & once we did Grunge murdered everybody. Also remember several other bands did get deals before us and didn’t sell shit, i.e. Pretty Boy Floyd, Junkyard, Kik Tracee, etc…

4. Let’s play a game called Mr. Record Executive. You just signed a band but their lead singer sucks. You can only replace him with one of these three individuals: Vince Neil, Crackhead Bob, or Kermit the Frog. Who would you choose and why?
Stevie: Crackhead Bob, because he is more marketable than the others.

5. Is hair care a major concern for you anymore?
Stevie: Not anymore, it was a concern in the 80’s as it was a large percentage of a Rock Stars image. However I’m not worried about Bleach Blond hair, eyeliner or leather pants like I did when I was 22 years old.

6. What is your opinion of Gerri Miller?
Stevie: I have mixed feelings for her as she was one of our biggest supporters in our hey day, but unfortunately she won’t even return my call for the last few years. It’s one of those things in the Biz that’s kinda shitty. Howard Benson who Produced our Debut album on Atlantic got paid over $ 20,000.00 and within a year of that stopped talking to me and has barely acknowledged even knowing me since. We played together as a band for years before even meeting him and once we got a Major record deal people came out of the woodwork to get a piece of us. When that Major deal goes away so do those Major temporary supporters (friends) and all the people who smile, shake your hand and take your money. Then they go find the next group of hopeful to be Rock Stars and as long as the Radio, MTV or some bottomless pit of money is believing in you they will to.

7. If you could get in the ring and fight anyone in the music industry, who would it be and why?
Stevie: Not really anyone, if you would of asked this question in 1988 I would have listed about fifty names. Back then I had a short temper and did’nt take alot of shit. Let me quote Motley Crue “Just cause I’m wearing make-up does’nt mean I can’t kick your ass!” was something I lived by, I was the bleach blond frontman of a Glam Rock Band and being labeled the Prettiest Rocker in Hollywood by local magizines kinda made me a target for some to go after. I remember hanging out at The Whisky with Robbie Crane and a few friends and some guy kept telling me to hit a low E note for him so he could hear me sing, after I told him to drop it for about 10 minutes he started calling me a pussy so I hit him with a closed fist instead and beat the fuck out of him in front of all his friends.

8. What currently touring 80s bands should realize their best days are behind them and call it quits?
Stevie: I think Jani Lane should’ve stayed out of Warrant when he quit a few years back, he’s a great singer/songwriter and performer. Then again they sold millions of records and I did’nt so what the fuck do I know. I admire all of them for still doing it and making a living but I also remember seeing Quiet Riot and thinking its Kevin DuBrow and some other fill in guys from Sunset Strip. I know alot of fans probably go to these shows and see 1 or 2 of the original band and it’s not the same for them, thats why after Tuff went through a few member changes I said It’s over and not the same so I’ll move on.

9. When you kissed Bobbi Brown, did you ever think at the time that Jani Lane’s little cock was once in her mouth?
Stevie: No never thought of that, but at one point I was dying for a piece of Cherry Pie and after we hung out a few times I saw that she’s just a total sweetheart and a great person. I recently saw her on a late night infomercial for 80’s rock music and she looks great.

10. How was your 15 seconds of fame?
Stevie: I think it was a bit longer than 15 seconds but hopefully I’ll have another 15 or maybe 20 this time?!?!

11. Gerri Miller compared your album to Neil Diamond recently. So Neil, how do you respond to that?
Stevie: Well Neil Diamond holds the record for consecutive sellouts at the 16,000 plus seat L.A. Great Western Forum at 10 nights so maybe I’m onto something.

12. Who got all the fat chicks in Tuff? Definition: Fat Chicks are chicks that are 150 pounds and over, unless they are over 5’10” then 150 is acceptable!
Stevie: We had all kinds of fans & friends but don’t really keep track of those little details.

13. Would you ever go down on a chick on the rag?(Tracii Guns wouldn’t answer this question)
Stevie: I have unknowingly and walked into a bathroom, turned on the light and thought I was Gene Simmons from the early KISS tours.

14. Was touring the United States in a Ryder Truck with a bunch of smelly guys ever a career goal?
Stevie: No but we had balls and didn’t whine, we did what ever was neccessary to get to the next city, play, sleep and make it happen all over again. Most of the bands still touring today (sorry I’ll hold names) can’t and couldn’t operate without a bus, a soundman, a tour manager, 5 roadies and everybody else doing all the driving and loading of gear, we did it the old fashion way and busted ass band members included. Kinda like Henry Rollins and Black Flag did.

15. Who has better hair: Jani Lane, Gerri Miller, Kojak, David Lee Roth, Mick Mars, Steve Summers, or youself.
Stevie: Sebastian Bach & Jon Bon Jovi have the best hair in rock, I’m a little jealous.

16. What’s the stupidest rock album you ever heard/bought?
Stevie: Probably most of my 1000 plus CD collection.

17. What rock star wives haven’t you had sex with yet?
Stevie: Hmmm, I’d love to drop names but that will have to wait, look at your penis chart someones been telling Stevie Rachelle tales?!?!?!

18. Do you have any groupies at all?
Stevie: Do you mean my solo project, a few I guess.

19. What do you think of Metal Edge magazine?
Stevie: It would be better if I’d get at least a plug on my new CD!

20. What’s the most violent thing you have ever done on tour?
Stevie: I beat up one of our roadies real bad in Denver in front of a whole group of fans outside our tour bus, he deserved it after making a comment about me having hair extensions while I was signing autographs for fans. Robbie Crane once again was present at another Stevie fight, Robbie pulled me off the guy.

Thanks for being able to hang Stevie and answer all 20 of our 5th grade type questions. Listed below is Stevie’s website. Go check it all out and buy a CD if you got some money to burn.

Go to stevierachelle.com

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