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Back-4-More With Jizzy Pearl, 4/26/04

  BACK-4-MORE with….

Jizzy Pearl

Welcome to our 2nd Back-4-More!

Jizzy Pearl is no stranger to anybody visiting Metal Sludge so we’ll save you from all the typical intro bullshit. Fuck, this his is 4th interview with us so if you don’t know him by now there is just no helping you.

We first did Jizzy 20 Questions back on May 3, 1999, when he was in L.A. Guns.

We did a Jizzy Re-Wind  on May 18, 2000, when he was reforming Love/Hate.

We did a Jizzy 3-Wind on September 9, 2002, when he was in Ratt.

And now it’s 2004 and Jizzy has released his first solo CD “Just A Boy” and is still playing with Love/Hate, Ratt, as well as with Adler’s Appetite. Enjoy!

1. What are you currently up to?

First off I’d like to thank you for that great review of my CD—but since I “run” the site it would be safe to say that I wouldn’t have it any other way. That said, I’m busy writing songs for the Suki Jones thing, running every day getting ready for my little Love/Hate UK mini-tour in May—here are the dates:

05/22/04 Nottingham Rock City
05/21/04 Leicester Princess Charlotte
05/20/04 Glasgow Cathouse
05/19/04 London Underworld
05/18/04 Crewe Limelight
05/16/04 Dudley JB’s
05/15/04 Sheffield Corporation
05/14/04 Bradford Rio’s

I’m also acclimating myself to increasing Vegas heat and tourists in flowered shirts and JC Penny fatpeople shorts…I’m having a good time.

2. You?re song “Do You Wanna Get High” is on our Metal Sludge CD. Tell us about the song, how it came to be, what it?s about, and how excited you are to be apart of our CD?

The song came from my solo CD, of course—it’s about a night I spent with Muddy, Josie, a girl named Melissa and myself. We were going to some video release party that Josie was in and on the drive there I was shocked that Muddy and the rest of the car was speeding down the 405 freeway passing open bottles of liquor back and forth without a care, without a thought to the consequences of getting pulled over–it reminded me of times I had when I was 17 when I didn’t give a shit, it felt so young and dangerous that I went home and wrote a song about it. And I’m very excited to be a part of history with your new CD.

3. You recently moved to Las Vegas. What made you decide to leave LA and have you run into Vince Neil, Kevin DuBrow or anybody in Slaughter yet at your local grocery store or anything?

I left L.A. because my apartment got sold out from under me and because I needed a change. L.A. is a fun tourist spot, the climate is the best but there’s so many goddamn poseurs the streets are littered with them. Maybe it was cool 15 years ago to go to the Rainbow and lie about your career, live off a stripper’s money and stay up all night doing blow but now I find it goofy and a loser’s life. Ask yourself– ” Who are these people that have elaborate websites but NEVER gig, NEVER tour and NEVER put out a record…?” how do they look in the mirror every day and think they’re “rock stars”? I’m not a rock star but I pay my rent and bills from doing music and that separates me from the thousands that can’t even buy a pack of smokes without going into their stripper girlfriend’s purse while she’s asleep.

4. Who’s the most famous celebrity listed in your cell phone, and Robbie Crane doesn’t count.

Um… I have Ronnie James Dio’s phone number …that’s about it. And Robbie will find it funny that you called him a “celebrity” –by the way congratulations are in order for Robbie and his wife on the birth of his new daughter, she looks just like me…Wait! I probably shouldn’t have said that…

5. Rate the following books written by ‘rock stars’ on a scale of 1 to 10. 1 being a waste of dead trees and 10 being something worthy of being on the New York Times bestseller list for months on end:

“Crazy From The Heat” by David Lee Roth = goofy, self-indulgent–someone that believes his own press

“The Dirt” by Mötley Crüe = good good book I thought. From what I’ve heard some of the situations are a bit exaggerated but artistic license in the Name of Rock is OK by me

“Who’s Crazee Now” by Noddy Holder = he’s the guy with the funny hat in the video, right?

“Stone Alone” by Bill Wyman = poor poor Bill. He whines like a crybaby because Mick and Keith get all the glory but he brags and brags that he fucked more chicks than they did. Of course all the while he was shagging chicks those guys were writing all those classic songs. His book was revenge for not being Keith Richards.

“Diary of a Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” by Ian Hunter = never read it but have you read James Ellroy? He wrote L.A. Confidential, he’s a fucking great writer.

“The Long Hard Road Out of Hell” by Marilyn Manson = I read some of it, obviously it’s ghost written or should I say “assisted written” –I admire Manson for being the Bad Guy all those years ago but I don’t anymore, I no longer think he’s scary.

“Me, Alice” by Alice Cooper = I dig Alice Cooper, I toured with him but I haven’t read his book. But he’s read mine.

“See a Grown Man Cry, Now Watch Him Die” by Henry Rollins = I find Rollins early work very angry and stream of consciousness. He paved the way for guys like me, guys who wanted to ditch the leathers and pick up a pen.

“Sex Money Kiss” by Gene Simmons = Oh I don’t think I could get through this book. I respect Gene Simmons for what he’s done but tell-alls are for goofs.

“God, Guns & Rock n’ Roll” by Ted Nugent = Again, I respect Ted but I don’t need to read about how to skin a buffalo

6. Whatever happened to Josie? We saw she took your picture for your CD cover but what else is she up to? She?s kinda disappeared it seems.

Well we are no longer together, she does her own thing and I do mine. We talk occasionaly and she’s doing fine. She’s probably lurking on this site as we speak.

7. Yes or no, have you ever:

Stolen a skateboard = I was never good at skateboarding

Gotten stung by a jellyfish = yes, a few times but I never go in the ocean anymore

Wanted to try out for Warrant when Jani quit = nothing against Eric and Jerry but we both know I wouldn’t fit with them

Bought Girlscout cookies = I’m dating a Girl Scout

Swallowed a tadpole = I haven’t but she has

Laughed at a homeless person =I feel sad for them–but that doesn’t mean I give them $$

Won over $1,000 on a slot machine = the most I’ve won is a $100 and that was on my birthday at the Hard Rock

Worn an adult-sized diaper = No I’ve never had that problem

Performed the Heimlich Maneuver on a choking victim = No but I have choked the Chicken

Gotten aroused during a prostate exam = I don’t like my shit Pushed In

8. On the back of your CD is a picture of your head on the Chessire Cat looking down at Alice who has your tattoos. Where you high when you thought of that?

I guess I’m looking for the Right Girl with a strong father-fixation.

9. You?re voice basically sounds the same as it always has. Why do you think some singers like Vince Neil and David Lee Roth sound nowhere like they used to while guys like Dio, Paul Stanley, and Steven Tyler still sound relatively the same as always?

Luck, good health…I don’t drink on stage anymore, that will fuck you up. I think you really have to care that you sound good, maybe that’s the reason.

10. The Last of Jizzy Pearl:

Last CD you purchased = I can’t remember

Last movie you saw = Kill Bill

Last video game you played = video games are for goofs

Last strip club you visited = Ten’s in Tucson

Last thing someone threw at you while you were on stage =a beer bottle a few years at a RATT show…maybe he was expecting someone else…?

Last barnyard animal you stopped to look at = Rockfest in 2002

Last time you got a speeding ticket = I get a lot of those

Last time you served someone french fries = when I was 16

Last time you got in a fistfight = the closest I came was 2 years ago with Neal Zlosower…

Last time you got drunk = last night

11. Ratt seems to have no plans on recording with you. Why is that and whatever happened to that live Ratt DVD that was mentioned in your 3-wind?

Yeah I don’t think they’ll do a record with me, I’ve said that. I do a lot of interviews for my new CD and I get asked this question every single time– “Why hasn’t RATT recorded anything? Why why why…” there is of course this ongoing litigation thing between them but I’m a songwriter and it’s frustrating not to be able to play new music…as far as the DVD goes the money me Robbie and Jon were going to get was insufficient and the deal broke down.

12. You’re currently writing original songs with Adler’s Appetite. What do you guys plan on doing with them? Are you going to try to get a deal or just doing it to put out for shits and giggles? What’s the plan?

Probably shits and giggles…actually we’re working with Mike Varney over at Shrapnel and it’s a real deal for a real record—we’ll probably do it after all the summer touring.

13. Which do you prefer and why?

Pac Man or Donkey Kong = Missle Command

The Partridge Family or the Brady Bunch = I had a cruch on Marcia Brady

The Hindenberg or the Titanic = Hindenburg of course

Billy Idol or Billy Squire = Billy Idol

Hash oil or opium = neither

Carlos Castenada or L. Ron Hubbard = Carlos Castaneda helped shape my adolescence—those books were Gold

A drunk Blozter or a drunk Warren = Drunk Warren, he’s funny when he gets buzzed

Rick James or Ike Turner = ” I’M RICK JAMES BITCH!!”

Blowdarts or sling shots = shitting in a goldfish bowl

Ouija boards or tarot cards = neither…it’s better to just date a Psychic Eye psychic

14. What disgusts you the most about Los Angeles and the whole scene there?

I believe I’ve already answered that…

15. What do you remember about writing or recording the following songs:

Black Out In The Red Room = I remember really loving this song when I first heard it–I still think it’s a great song

Why Do You Think They Call It Dope = every band has a song that they have to play every night that they don’t especially like…

Slutsy Tipsy = this song typified the L.A. scene in 1989

Miss America = our attempt to write a “radio” song–of course the record label hated it

Yucca Man = Yucca man is about Jon the guitar player…if you live in Hollywood you know about Yucca street

Spinning Wheel = a stripper song, unabashed—another great song, our closest thing to a radio hit—read my Love/Hate history on my website for more about that

Beer Money = Skid was going through a phase where he couldn’t write anything that didn’t talk about beer or drugs…it was a stupid time. We did that on our first record, it was cool then but it was goofy 2 years later.

Superfragilistic =a typical Skid nonsense lyric…but a great guitar riff

Wish I Had More Time = an ode to Skid’s dead father

Better Days = probably the best song I’ve written, in my opinion

Feed Your Head = my attempt to write a Joan Jett song

16. We heard you used to be the bun-boy at McDonald’s when you were a kid. What’s the most fucked up thing you ever saw happen behind the scenes at the Golden Arches?

When a customer was giving the order-taker a hard time at the window the cooks would fry up a loogie and slip it into their burger…a word of advice to anyone who wants to be a smart-ass

17. Answer the following questions with either true or false:

Marilyn Monroe was killed by the Kennedys = not by them, but for them

Steve Stevens doesn’t wear a wig = I really don’t know what’s under that head of hair

Tupac is still alive = no, he’s dead as Dillinger

Gene Simmons is a brilliant businessman = unfortunately true

Aliens crashed in New Mexico = how do you think we got fiber optics and velcro?

Brides Of Destruction will go Gold = Hmmm…for Tracii’s sake I hope they go platinum, I really like that little guy.

Van Halen should take back David Lee Roth = they should but how could they?

George W. Bush always knew there were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq = who doesn’t know that?

The Darkness are overrated = the Darkness are the flavor of the month, this year’s Nickleback

Michael Jackson is guilty as fuck = TRUE TRUE TRUE…now pass me the Jesus Juice

18. When you get a phone call and see on your caller-ID that it?s Bobby Blotzer, what goes through your mind:

A: I better pick this up right away. It must be important!

B: I wonder what DeMartini did to piss him off this time.

C: He?s gotta be drunk.

D: Is he going to ask me if I run Metal Sludge again?

E: All of the above


19. Do you think anyone’s really going to buy a book written by Brent Muscat?

Well he’s got to write it first…

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. We mention a name, and you give us your thoughts:

Brent Muscat = he runs a tight Slave ship

Steven Adler = good drummer

Keri Kelli = Metrex bars and Diet Coke

Stevie Rachelle = good guy, nice website

Jani Lane = good songwriter

Steve “Sex” Summers= Thought I forgot about your remark about how I “ruined” RATT did you? You’re just mad because you tried out and they didn’t pick you.

Darrell Roberts = good guitarist, easy to work with…good drinker

Marq Torien = not from this world

Dave Moreno = good eater, great drummer

The Darkness = yodel rock

For more of Jizzy’s wit and wisdom, you can check out our Tales From The Jizz Archive, featuring a variety of stories from him.

And for more info on Jizzy, you can visit www.JizzyPearl.com,www.TheRattPack.com, and www.SukiJones.com!

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