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Back-4-More with Tracii Guns, 6/2/04



Brides Of Destruction’s Tracii Guns

We first talked to Tracii Guns waaaaaaaayyyyy back on December 2, 1998. He was the 2nd person we ever did 20 Questions with, even though he only answered 10 of them, so in a way he was our first 10 Questions too.

We then did his Rewind on February 10, 2000, and we followed that up with his 3-Wind on November 11, 2002.

Now it was time for his Back-4-More so we sent these out to Tracii on Sunday and also told him to listen into our XM Radio show which debuted that evening. He sent these back on Monday and we believe he started off his Back-4-More by commenting on a song we played, which just so happens to be on our Metal Sludge CD! Anyway, you all know Tracii so here’s the latest from him. Enjoy!

1. What are you up to?

Wow that Jizzy Song was great!!!!!! Sitting around wondering if Axl would like to meet me for a beer and a sandwich . counting my paxil tabs, making sure I have enough to take with me too Europe. Kris is making sure I have clean undies, socks and PJs. Kris is also making sure my cock is brutally chaffed and swollen for the next month,,,I am not complaining. : )

2. How happy are you that Brides Of Destruction have sold more CDs than L.A.Guns have in the last 10 years probably?

I am very happy if you look at it from that point of view but,,, i would be lying to say i am happy with sales so far. I hoping we would do 100k worldwide but,,, we are only at 60k worldwide and more than half of those sales are in the US….. maybe the european tour will boost sales over there. I am just happy to be playing new music :)

3. If it was your band and you had 100% say, would you have done the Kiss/Poison tour?

Well,,,, I could have insisted we do that tour and we would have done it but,,,, The original offer was Kiss, Darkness and Brides with a possibility of Poison instead of Darkness. We agreed with Doc Mcgee that if Poison were to do the tour that we we’re not interested. A month later we heard that KISS/POISON/BRIDES were confirmed to tour this summer. Naturally we freaked out because we had already said we were not interested if POISON or any other nostalgia act was on the bill. ( Not a personal thing at all )

4. Ideally, what 3 other bands would Brides Of Destruction like to tour with? Lets say you could hand pick the lineup now, who would it be?

Natural choices for us would be VR or Audioslave ( just obvious)

There are a lot of great bands we would love to tour with,,,,, AC/DC,,AFI,,,AEROSMITH,,,

Basically any bands that are guitar driven rock that dont wear there baseball hats sideways ( lampin)

AMEN AND LIVING THINGS were really great

5. The last of Tracii Guns:

Last time you went skateboarding = Over a year ago with Rikki rachtmen at a free park in OC somewhere

Last meal you served Nikki = Nikkis like a dad,,,, he loves serving the chow or should I say Donna makes insane Shrimp Scampi

Last fight you got into = Last Night with some fuckface security guard that spit on my vette,,,, I guarentee he wont do that again…

Last book you read = The Four Agreements

Last time you had a beer and a sandwich with a fan = With,,,ETTE,TENN and VIC in SF last week

Last CD you purchased = AUDIOSLAVE

Last time you loaded Nikki’s gear into the truck = I loaded a bunch of his gear in my truck 6 mos ago when i started my EBAY store….. www.geetarshop.com

Last concert you saw from the crowd = AFI- Art Of Drowning Tour at the Palace

Last song you heard on the radio that you liked = Jizzy Pearl,,,, Wanna get High

Last movie you saw = The Last Samurai

6. What’s the one trend in rock today that you would personally like to kill?

The no vibe,,, we are heavier than you trend,,,, heavy doesn’t equal good,,,,, I have proven that time and time again.

7. You’re on our Gossip Board all the time and other than people posting about your band, the other band people love to talk about is The Darkness. So what are your thoughts on the band? Everybody else has an opinion, so why not you?

Oh man I love your gossip board,,, believe it or not i really listen to the people there,,,opinions,, etc. I try to stay away from really getting ugly in there,,, So i really do use some restraint. I am just very comfortable in your forum.

The Darkness are a fun rock band,,, i cant honestly say i listen to or have ever listened to the complete record but,,,, with the exception of the silly falsetto singing,,,I like it.

Tracii shares a beer and a sandwich with some kids from the street!

8. A few years ago, Phil Lewis said “I’d rather be stabbed to death WITH A FORK than ever play Sex Action again”. Is that how you feel now?

Actually i cant wait til we put SEX ACTION in the Brides set…. Getting stabbed with a fork would hurt. I really love Phillip Lewis but like other singers I have known in the past,,,,, they just say what they want to say in public and completely disregard the reality of the situation,,,,, Notice how Steve Riley never says anything,,, thats because he wouldnt stick his neck out for himself if his head was on fire… At least Phil is very very passionate about what he thinks is true at the time( and i do respect that ) therefore Phillip is not a pussy,,, he has also never backed down from me running at him with a closed fist,,, I also respect that. Steve Riley on the other hand Is still selling original L.A. GUNS videos from the website with members that are not in the band anymore and doesnt kick us back any money. He actually had the balls to tell me that we rarely sold any,,, and then our webmaster told me that she had seen 2 years of credit card transactions ( not including direct payments ) for 11,000 dollars,,,, Steve also had the balls to tell me he was collecting my Publishing for all the indy records but that they didnt amount to much either, so he just never bothered to give me my half….. Hmmmm I cant wait to play with Steve Riley again,,, He also used to get very upset at rehearsel and tell us that he was gonna kick all of our asses until the day i called him out from behind the set and he declined my invite. Of course the financial shit i was totally clueless about until I was gone from the band for a couple of months. And I always loved the very humble statement,,, ” I am the best no other rock drummer can touch me” Ya ok Bro,,,,, Thanx for the years stabbing me in the back with my own fork you sneaky fucker…… Hence,,,, Phil is singing Sex Action and getting stabbed with a fork….. Ironic aint it?

9. How much are you paying Mick’s doctors to make sure he can’t tour next year? And do you actually think that you’ll get his spot on the Motley Crue reunion tour if he can’t tour?


Well,,, Micks actually doing great right now,,,,, If I ended up doing anything with Motley that would be the bands ( including Micks ) decision.

10. Give us a song writing or recording memory about the following songs:

Sex Action = Sex Action was originally a song called Love and Hate that Paul Black and I wrote with Mick Cripps and Nickey Alexander….. When we were recording our first Album,,, Phil changed it and we got sued :)

Never Enough = I wrote the riff when I was 15 years old,,,, was called Looking Over My Shoulder when Paul was in LAG.

Kiss My Love Goodbye = Classic Mick Cripps Riff,,, I just added the Chorus and the little Brian May guitar melody

Rip N Tear = Another Mick Cripps classic,,,,,, Always loved his ability to come up with a great simple riff

Kill Machine = I remember putting that song together over at the old SIR studio after Polygram found out I wasnt in LAG anymore and they just finished dumping 625,000 in to a new record. They made me go write and record with the band…Phil was glad to see me so he called that song Killing Machine. Was recorded at Jim Werts Santa Monica Studio,,,,4th st Recorders.

Man In The Moon = I lifted the riff from Tom Morello,,,, Loved recording that record with Gilby,,, we did it very 70s,,,,,

Don’t Look At Me That Way = The best LA GUNS metal song ever,,,,,, I was so excited about recording this record because I had abandoned any preconcieved ideas of how a record should sound in 2002,,, and I just went straight for my RANDY/MAIDEN/SCORPS roots……

Waking The Dead = Brutal

Brace Yourself = Probably the first metal song brides wrote,,,, I like it better live

2x Dead = Is about Nikki’s experience with death,,,,, Very simple song to write musically.Wait til you here ” The Sniper ” :)

11. Do you think it’s funny that you were the guitarist in Poison for about 5 minutes a few years back while Nikki can’t really stand them?

Nikki says,, ” that was the only 5 minutes Poison were cool”

12. Why “Shut The Uh Up” on Jay Leno instead of “Shut The F Up” or “Shut The Hell Up,” etc?

We tried all of the above,,,, they all sounded stupid… we couldnt play a different song at the last minute,,,, Fuck it. I played a guitar solo on Jay Leno,,,, I am happy.

13. You’ve always been close to being in a band that breaks huge but it’s never quite happened. Do you feel Brides Of Destruction is your last chance for that?


14. Does London do everyone’s hair before the photo shoots or before you take that stage?

He doesnt have time after he does his vocal warmups,,, meditation,,,, Alien correspondance and then his hair.

15. Time for Kill, Fuck, Marry. Which of these 3 women would you kill, which one would you fuck, and which one would you marry. The 3 women are Donna D’Errico, Paris Hilton, and Sharon Osbourne.

Kill = Paris

Fuck = Sharon

Marry = Kristen

Donna = My sister

16. Tell us what happened in Sparks, Nevada. There was a report of you getting into a fight and then Nikki throwing his bass at some kid’s head. What exactly went down? Clear the air.

Crock O Shit,,,,,,,, Nikki threw his bass to scott sorry from Amen just before he jumped in the crowd to find me. Problem was ,,Nikki jumped right over me into the crowd then I had to jump in to tell him I wasnt in the crowd. Nobodys instrument hit anyone but Scot. The kid ripped his eye ring out of his eye dodging flying fists and then ended up on the bottom of the pile. in a nice puddle of eyering blood. Just another night on the first leg of the tour. This aint a classic rock tour,,, some nights its brutal in the crowd, and there is usually one fuctard starting shit in the crowd. At almost every show someone got punched shoved or bludgened with some idiots out of controlness. We tried to get with the people that got injured and gave them swag, beer and a SANDWITCH


17. Do you think Phil Lewis would take you back in L.A. Guns if you wanted to come back?

I Have no idea but ……. They have a really great new guitarist ( Stacii Blades ) they really dont need me.


18. How’s London handling the pressure of everybody saying he sucks? Is he holding up well?

Guys like me,,, only remember when people say bad stuff,,,,, Guys like London only remember when people say good stuff,,,,,,, hes doing fine,,,,, LONDON IS GOD :)

19. When Nikki is walking and suddenly stops, are you ever worried about breaking your nose from having it so far up his ass?

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA,,,,,,,,, I am actually more worried about choking on his nuts,,, if you are looking at it that way.

20. Time for Metal Sludge’s Word Association. You know how this works.

Michael Monroe =The Guy I talk about just so i can get Press,,,,, I wish Andy would just Knock that Fucker out.

XM Radio = The Future,,,,,,, I got to visit when I was in DC,,,, outrageously impressive layout they have.

C.C. DeVille = I like CC as a person,,,, hes a nut and a good pop song writer

Velvet Revolver = So far, So good,,,,,,, Go Slash GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trixter =Brides of destruction

Blackie Lawless = AXL and I listened to that first record like it was our bible,,,,,, We always tried to be friendly with him,,,, and he never even acknowledge our existence,,, I also accidently fucked some chick he was living with in ’90,,,, ooops!!!!!

Sanctuary Records = Nick is cool,,, I like him

Rikki Rockett = I truely love this man,,,,,,, He is very good to himself and others around him,,,, very artistic and intelligent,,,,, was the funnest part of being in Poison

Anthrax = The last record was just unbelievable,,, a great rock album,,,,,, Scott ian is my jewish metal brother

Vince Neil = I just met him for the first time,,,,, was a lot cooler of a person then i expected,,, sang alot better then I expected,,, hes really gettin his shit in order right now,,,,,,,,,,,, He took Roth and made it Evil

Nice Sludge like answer for Question #8! It’s also fun when somebody gets called out!

Thanks to Tracii for all the support since 1998 and entertaining the Sludgeaholics on the Gossip Board! It’s almost Tracii’s second home!

For more info on Tracii and Brides Of Destruction, you can visit www.BridesOfDestruction.com. You can also visit his guitar shop at www.geetarshop.com, or just go to www.TraciiGuns.net!

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